Grey Heron on Akabeko Golf Course.

I have taken to riding around with my camera near at hand, and how happy I am that I did this the other day.

I saw this Grey Heron as I past the one dam its attitude told me it was either stalking something or had seen food…


I got this photo just before the strike and then struggled to actually see what it had caught.. a struggle was on the cards.. something of length that could not just be swallow.. I continued to take photos until I could make out what it was… a small grass snake..


This snake was not giving up without a fight…


and even managed to encircle the beak of the bird..


Down the hatch you go… eyes closed…


But with a lot of head shaking and swallowing the snake finally disappeared down its throat… I nearly gagged thinking about that length going down my throat, and then it struck me… the snake was not dead when it went down.. why would it not bite the bird from the inside ? and would it be painful if it did ?

The bird was now disturbed by my proximity and flew off to one of the other dams, closely followed by me…


An odd stance and attitude.. was this bird regretting the meal?.. well it never regurgitated anything, had a drink and settled down to what looked like a further search for food..


This has taught me one lesson… “keep the camera handy!”…

30 thoughts on “Grey Heron on Akabeko Golf Course.

  1. Wow…great shots! Can I borrow your bird? seems we have a few snakes in the grass as these days have been dryer than usual and they are coming out in search of water.

  2. Oh that snake would have wriggled inside the heron for a long time! I can’t imagine what that would be like. These are fantastic shots – keep up the great work. Rob, and keep carrying that camera 😉

    • Thanks Dianne… yep it is captures lkke these that makes you realise you don’t see it everyday, even les capture it as a photo… so if you don’t want to miss out. .. carry the camera…

  3. my oh my I’ve missed your story telling. Fantastic and great captures – really shows the whole process – thanks I think lol Stephen would be in total agreement – don’t go anywhere no matter what without your camera. Great to have you back xo

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