Akabeko Golf Course

As the course continues to improve and the rains (when they come) aids the fairways growth, the golf course becomes more and more of a dream come true.

As the photo from the first tee shows the first fairway.


The course wants to welcome all the permanent new arrivals, oh how happy these animals make me…




The sable are young yet already they show the deep chested pride they’re well known for..

I am to stay on at the course and will now be in a position to blog more, to share my golf course with you all. I’m sure that you know it is not really my course and belongs in its entirety to the owner of the Akabeko Boutique Hotel, but my design and build, tweaked to his  satisfaction, still feels as though its mine…

This has been and will always be the most desired “bucket list” happening in my life.





Akabeko Golf Course

It’s been a long time coming.

A return in part to blogging. Why? Well we have reached that stage where not much more can be done before the rain falls.

When will it rain? Wish I knew…

The greens are so close to completion, just here and there that we need the grass to reach total coverage. Fairways have been top soiled and the grass in part is pushing through without water, strange but true…

It has been a dream designing and converting this….



To this


And this …


Into this….


and the real joy is having the wild life now on the course… doing their inspection…


I’m hoping to get back into blogging on a more regular basis, so look for my likes and comments on your blogs…

Hyena portraits… posed specially for us…

We came across this pack of celebrating hyena, a territorial battle had taken place next to a river and this group must have won,,, they seemed on top of the world… not the most beautiful animal, but it has its uses…


The hyena is known for its bone crushing jaw, no bone is left un-turned… (I’m getting so clever now)


It is often referred to as the laughing hyena as its chatter can be misconstrued as a laugh….


The Hyena is thought to be a scavenger, and yes it is, BUT… in a pack it is one of the most proficient hunts in the veld….


The young are known to fight in the den and often the weakest never make it to adulthood, but then nature is all about survival of the fittest and strongest…. Packs of hyenas have chased lions off their kill, even treeing the cats, but they are weary of doing that if a male lion is present… he doesn’t like it… there is a fantastic film often shown on National Geographics called “Eternal Enemies” its about lion and Hyena, watch it… absolutely brilliant…

Hyena .. strange animals actually…

The spotted hyena is one out of four in the biological group Hyaenidae. (Now I’m sounding smart!)

Although phylogenetically (evolutionary) closer to cats, hyenas are behaviourally and morphologically (structurally) similar to dogs in several ways; both hyenas and dogs are nonarboreal (don’t climb trees), cursorial (adapted for running) hunters that catch prey with their teeth rather than claws. (Shooo now the internet is making me seem very clever.)

But this I do know, in the spotted hyena, unlike the other hyenas, the female is bigger than the male… Amazonian she is… The rear hyena is a female…


Urogenital anatomy of the female spotted hyena.

In terms of their external genitalia, spotted hyenas are the most highly ‘masculinized’ extant female mammals. Female spotted hyenas display a fused scrotum, rather than the labia majora of a typical female mammal. The hypertrophied clitoris is similar in form to the male penis, and both female and male spotted hyenas display erections – often in the nonsexual context of ‘meeting ceremonies’ (from http://www.vet.cornell.edu/labs/place/docs/2006Glickmanetal.pdf just in case you want to read more)

WHAT????… it is saying that the female has a penis like protrusion so don’t go guessing the sex from that… I won’t go into the complicated description of sexual behaviour of the animals, but suffice it to say this female wears the pants and only one lucky male will get to cover her… talk about a woman on testosterone…


The only other time I’ve seen hyena performing like these were, was after a territorial battle… and as there were hyena running off away from this pack, I assume that was the case again…

This lot must have been victorious as such friendly play is a form of bonding and strengthening the family unit…




They ran around in all directions and one even wanted to chew on our plastic bumper of the van… but this was all victorious play and family bonding and there was even mock sexual acts… (two males..)


More hyena photos to come… just some portrait photos when they posed for me…

Giraffe in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)

More photos and odd facts about the long stretch of an animal;

It is the tallest animal and ruminant. and the name is derived from its almost camel look.

Giraffe see in colour, according to the experts, I always wonder about such statements as how the hell do they know, and do some suffer from colour blindness.??

This I do know, it only has 7 neck bones and have ball and socket joints.. and the top vertebra is unique in that it allows the head to tilt directly upward.. the young are born with shorter necks, that develop quickly to give it length… can you imagine being a Giraffe mother giving birth to young that’s neck was full length… the neck muscles are extremely strong.. having to be able to hold the neck up and if you ever see them fighting, it’s all in the neck…

One other interesting fact, the mother gives the final birth of her young standing… so little giraffe fall into the world and surprisingly stand up very quickly, staggering a lot, but not long after birth, it’s ready to run with Mom to escape predators…

As the Giraffe is a ruminant, it has to regurgitate its feed from the stomach back to the mouth for rumination… firstly all that way down.. then back up for a re chew… fascinating…

Blood pressure seems controlled with tighter and thicker skin on the legs restricting too big a build up… much like a G flight suit for pilots…

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Kalagadi 1196

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Kalagadi 1341

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