To Blog or to write.. that is the question.??

On the 17th of January 2012, I started to write articles on Street Articles. Why? to improve my English and to teach myself to write shorter articles mainly needed for the computer program. (Help files and manuals).. Did I enjoy it.? Yes, and after penning 103 articles I became the top author on the site..

Capture 14

Well guess what, I wrote my last article in November last year and although I’ve dropped off the top 30 ranking I still receive reads… the total as at today being.. 98 255.. can you believe it… but I only received 1618 comments on my articles…


Now as for blogging.. I started on the 12 of February 2012, which WP reminded me by sending me a chocolate cake…(I wish) and I’ve just noticed I have just past the 30 000 views… but what strikes me the most is the comments…9 814 on wordpress. Now I’m thinking, if I tallied up all the words I’ve received, and those I’ve written… maybe I could have written a further 218 articles and still been number 1 author… No, then I wouldn’t have met all of you, and that has been far more fun than trying to be intelligent and writing articles of substance…

But wow I never started this for views, but for fun, so I must thank all of you for popping in to view my photos and reading what I try to share…

My Baby is Walking and Going on Her First Date..

Fourteen months ago my baby was born… a tool that I had developed using spread sheets, was viewed by my Son-in-law. I’d asked him to, as a Computer Programing Company owner, to help me make it easier to use. I had sheets here and there linked together and to be honest I could no longer make head or tail of it.

lens photos 037

He saw a potential profit making program and decided to develop it and write the program for me. We formed a company known as Bulldogs Turf Solution, and under it’s auspices the program was created. “terratry” was the babies name and she was born not long after he and my Daughter got stuck in.

Time has past, modules have been tested and like all children she grew. We added on and added one, and with their expertise we developed more and more. till she became a young adult. Was I then happy? Yes but she needed to develop a bit more and she did. Now she has been put to the test over and over, with a hiccup here and there and her reshaping has been magnificent.

Is she complete.? No, but she has reached a stage where all the basics are in her to perform her duties and return the required results. Naturally as we have gone along we have discovered things that will make her so much more desirable and these can be added .. they are not essential to the core of the program but will enhance her as she develops.

Has she turned out as I pictured?? Oh just so much more, way beyond my wildest dreams.. beyond more than I could have imagined.. she is beautiful, desirable and I’m sure going to be a success beyond my wildest dreams… I have now the task of marketing her.. sharing her with others… my.. and how well she performs in her cloud.

She goes on her first date next week, a golf club managed by a good friend of mine has agreed to do the beta testing for us, which will check out her stability and give us feed back from an outsider as to maybe more that is desired.

Four company directors… four company share holders… are we all happy with the results so far.??? Yes yes yes…. Now to find a web developer to build us a site conducive with the magnificence of our product…

Fly my little bird, fly fly fly……

Kalagadi 940-001

Reflections on life..

A blog or post I read this morning was so profound, that it sparked the need for me to write. Not something I do often on this site, I do it more on Street Articles. But when I received an answer to my comment, it had me take the time to make a cup of tea and light a cigarette. To sit quietly and contemplate the present, past and future.

The post was from stuffitellmysister  (click to see her blog) and specially her post from yesterday (click to read the post). This is so profound that it needs sharing, the fact we spend so much time these days fighting to make a living, chasing time as though we can catch it and yet forgetting about the importance of life. The proverbial “take the time to smell the roses” is no longer considered as important. The time to share with our loved ones, relaxing or for that matter just taking five minutes for ourselves.

Life can be cut short in so many differing ways, and we all think our time will never come, yet the truth of the matter is, it could be gone tomorrow… It is not a huge problem for us that go, yet those that stay behind are the ones that suffer, the “why didn’t we” thoughts that carouse through the mind. The regrets of not taking that short time to say the “I love you”, the time for a Hug, or just the loving touch that can say so much to the receiver.

Yes we have to strive to make a living, unavoidable unless born with the proverbial “Golden spoon” in the mouth, yet this very fact is played on by the money making employees who consider the life of their workers with very little importance.. (Not saying they are all the same) I was an employer of staff at one stage of my life, in fact for 22 odd years. I like to think that I treated my force with love and kindness and made sure that they had the time to enjoy life as well.

The point I’m attempting to make, is that we need to make time, even if it is just the odd five minutes, to talk, to love and to make sure that our partners know how we feel about them. Don’t let a day pass without that time, don’t wake to the fact too late, never allow the day to pass that communication in some form is not made with those that you love..

I love it that stuffitellmysister answered my comment with the fact that her Husband had read her post,  her reply to me or a portion thereof “The post helped my deepest “innards” and reminded my man that I love him. (I know this because he came home, hugged me and told me!)” Wow the power of a post, and that her husband had taken the short time to read and get the message… This is the type of communication we should have with our loved ones at all time. Does this not truly show the love between a couple and the fact that Paula is concerned for her husband?

All I can say to Paula… thank you for the post, it awakened me to the fact that I have become complacent lately and even that I might have started to think myself invincible. I will show my love to all that I do, more often than I have been…. Good on you, and thank you for the wake up call….

Happy Christmas.. to you all.

Tis the time to be jolly….

len 004

For the sun to rise and bring on a day of joy, that we may remember the birth of Christ.

len 017

To look back over the past year and be thankful for small mercies, good friends and new ones.

len 058

To look for new horizons, to explore those we do see….


To laugh in the face of adversity….

len 041

and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, a prosperous New Year, and may all you wish yourself and your fellow man, may it all come true…

This I send you from the Kalahari… where all of the family wish you the same… specially this darling grand daughter of mine….


Africa’s Big Five.. or are They?

Africa’s big five refers to supposedly the five biggest killers of mankind… well on this I don’t agree. Maybe in the days of the pioneers and those of the big hunters, but not today…

The first… Elephant…..

Tue 26-07-2011 072Tue 26-07-2011 044

Meeting up with one of these outside of a National Park is highly unlikely, and within the Parks if you are not stupid, your chances of not having your car turned over is up to you… be stupid and think of these gentle giants as pets … and you will quickly discover that they aren’t…  African elephants, especially older bulls and young males, can be aggressive, and death is normally by being trampled…. 6 ton is kind’a heavy…. In places where poaching is rife and/or the elephants’ habitats are threatened, elephants are more aggressive, and rightly so…

The second… Lion..



Lions live throughout sub-Saharan Africa (except for forests and deserts) in protected areas. Lions can be extremely dangerous and the famous man-eating lions of Tsavo were not just a myth. A 2005 study showed that lion attacks on man were on the rise in Tanzania and Mozambique. Sick male lions are mostly responsible for the hundreds of human deaths that occur each year because of these attacks. So when visiting a park, stay in your car… these are not cats that you can cuddle…

Thirdly my favourite, the Buffalo… scared of nothing….

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 237

They have reputedly killed more Big Game Hunters than any other specie… they are thought to kill nearly 200 people each year… standing around like herds of cattle, they can be hugely underestimated… a big bull will seem to be looking right through you… but give him the chance and he’s going to gore you if he feels the least threatened…. 700 kg of strong muscle will make an ugly mess of you when he’s finished tossing you around like a rag doll… Most Lion will not even contemplate taking them on, and their ferocity when protecting their young, has proven the demise of many lion…

Then fourthly the Leopard..

Mon 25-07-2011 206

This cat has had a bad wrap for many years… yes he has killed humans, but not in great numbers.. the chances are he will avoid you, but again don’t treat this cat as a domestic.. he is a ferocious killer and when cornered will not back down.. his bite is far worst than his bark, which is nothing more than a type of cough… So if you decide to go poaching at night and hear a slight cough, say your prayers, he’s seen you, has warned you, and now the silent killer is going to kill you….. luckily this seldom happens….

The fifth, the rhino


You would far rather see the other end of this monster than this end…. but beware he can turn on a whistle, or a dime… and that huge body can go far faster than even Usian Bolt.. He might just point to the sky showing the direction he’s about to travel, after that horn has entered his rear orifice…. The black Rhino is far more aggressive than the white, and will attack rather than run, so find a tree and start to climb long before he decides to come and find you… he will detect you by sound and smell (actually half blind) and when he does he isn’t going to warn you…

But here is where the others come in…

The crocodile, the Nile crocodile..

Fri 22-07-2011 031


Crocodiles kill hundreds of people each year in Africa. It can be found in almost every major river throughout the continent as well as many lakes. Most fatalities occur while people are washing or collecting food near river banks and lake shores. Fisherman are also prone to attack as they slide their boats in and out of the water. Crocodiles attack by dragging their prey under water and drowning them. Some crocodiles will also then roll their bodies repeatedly to weaken their prey, and this happens more times than we would like to think… so be aware when walking around near possible infested water…

The Hippo (hippopotamus)

Mon 25-07-2011 008

The hippo is responsible for more human fatalities in Africa than any other large animal. Male hippos actively defend their territories which run along the banks of rivers and lakes. Females have also been known to get extremely aggressive if they sense anyone coming in between them and their babies, who stay in the water while she feeds on the shore. Hippos can run at speeds of over 20 miles an hour and they have enormous jaws which host up to 20 inch canines. They can basically cut you in half… so beware these are not to be taken lightly… Yet not considered one of the big five…

And now for the biggest killer of all, yet not one that tourists come to Africa to film.. The Mosquito..


The mosquito is responsible for killing more Africans than any other through the spread of malaria and other diseases. Malaria kills over a million Africans every year, most of these are children under the age of five. Malaria is only spread by the female Anopheles mosquito. They are most active around dawn and dusk. There are in fact around 3,500 species of mosquito flying around and their average life-span is about two weeks. So … you can’t shoot them … they’re too small, so take the necessary precautions or suffer the disease like I did…