Hello.!! I’m Back..

Having just walked in after a long trip, I was more than surprised to see I’d had so many visits and comments whilst away.. But you haven’t only been busy commenting on my posts, but I see, whilst I’ve been in an area that when you ask if there’s internet connection, they ask “what’s the internet?” you’ve all been busy posting yourselves… Now I’m going to have to play catch up..

Was our trip successful? Beyond all expectations. To sit with Managers and Course Superintendents that only see the benefit of “terratry” was a great experience.

To sit with some of the top Superintendents in the country, that rave about and order the product, is just the cheery on top of the cake. For my baby that took far longer than we expected to reach maturity, I have now grown to be a proud parent, and for our company this means just so much.

I had very little time out with my camera, but spent 6 hours in my favourite place, The Kruger National Park where I did get some great captures to share with you all… so here is just one to whet your appetite…

“Hello” the Bulldog is back….


trip 185

trip 124

Okay I lied three to whet your appetite..

Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk, or the N.G. Kerk Moreleta Gemeente.

A Black and White Photo challenge, “Neighbourhood”


     Now this was a real challenge set by Sonel (CLICK HERE TO SEE HER POST)

     In the days of my first camera, an instamatic that took photos in B & W, it was a case of point, shoot and hope for the best. The results would only be known when someone developed the photos for you, and then there were so many “Oh Carp” (no I didn’t spell it wrong, just thought I’d be polite) moments.

      This challenge had me setting the camera on B & W and trying all sorts of settings… in the end I reverted to the Auto setting and did a little manipulating on the computer using my free photo software.

       Why is this so difficult.? Surely when one only has to think of white balance and exposure, this should be so much easier than shooting in colour.

       Well here are the results, and thanks Sonel for setting another challenge for me to discover how to take photos in B & W again.  Now here is my entry for this weeks challenge, a pictorial of the local N.G. Kerk, a wonderful building, good architecture and huge here in my neighbourhood. Seats 7 000 in the auditorium…






Plenty of glass to give great reflections…..




And plenty of shapes and sizes for the challenge…….



and what an auditorium… 7 000 people, three tiers… can you imagine how that must sound when they sing a hymn???


Curbed Freedom.. Getemde Vryheid

A bronze statue that adorned the lawn in Parliament street now stands at the Voortrekker monument site.

It represents the corner stone of democracy, the Afrikaner bull represents the people of South Africa, and the powerful child as the youth of South Africa.

This statue, completed in 1961 by Hennie Potgieter took up its place of pride in the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site in 2008.

Rhodesian Memorial 101

Voortrekker Monument 160

Voortrekker Monument 158

Voortrekker Monument 157