Akabeko Boutique Hotel Golf Course.

I know I’ve been gone for a while, and maybe you haven’t even noticed I’ve been missing so I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve achieved so far.

You do remember I was off to design and build a 9 hole golf course? Well that’s where I’ve been and still there. A big problem is a lack of internet and cell phone signals, so I have to climb a hill (at my age it feels like a mountain) to do anything on the internet.


The design accepted I climbed into the construction. Lydenburg district is well known for rain that can last for weeks, so it was eyes down and go for it while it’s dry.


The setting of the course is breath taking and with spots like this for tee boxes it is not difficult to design a course with character. (I have sworn at myself for some of the holes)


The 9th is a short hole, but has the most perfect view of the club house and chalets.


The 8th is one of the par fives and two long shots might just see you on the green, but they will have to be good shots.


The 6th is probably to be considered an intimidating hole, hitting off the tee between the trees with a dog leg left to the green, bunker protected is actually easier than it seems. (If I can play it everyone else should be able to.)

And one last photo of the area, breath taking to say the least….


I am ahead of the construction time line, but the rainy season has just begun so we might just see you more often.


It’s Official – I am to design and build a 9 hole golf course.

The emails have flowed between the owner and myself, I’ve visited the site a few times and now the contract has been awarded me. So for the next six months I will be “on and off” the blogging scene.

Unfortunately the internet is not of the best where we are going, but when I can I’ll look in at your blogs, doubtful if I will get a chance to blog myself, but that’s life.

This has been a life long dream, to design and build a golf course from scratch, has long been on my “bucket list”, in fact for more years than I can remember.

Here’s a few photos from our recent trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park…… I have 100’s to share and now I don’t have the time…..






“I will be back” as Arni said…. just give me the time to build a Golf Course…

Have you heard the news?

As work just gets more and more, of which we do no complain, social media gets less and less.

Book? you ask… no progress, just no time…

Blogs? ,,, the same… although I do pop in and look at yours, I just don’t always have the time to comment….

BUT next month we are taking time off to go to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park… so look forward to photos from there, specially those I will be taking with the new camera… can’t wait… like a kid waiting for Christmas… Remember these… well expect many many more….

Kalagadi 312

Kalagadi 382

Kalagadi 395

Kalagadi 439

I will be posting every now and then before we go just to keep the interest up… have to find time for blogging though…

Why do they grow so quick..??

As I paged through a few files today I came across these photos… and asked the question, why do they grow so quick?

This is my youngest Grand Daughter, who just continues to grow and grow…

From this….

Mafekeng 054

To this, in no time what so ever…


I hope she slows before she competes with this…

Mafekeng 101

My problem is … as fast as she grows … I grow older…

To publish or not to publish.. that is the question..

Apologies to William Shakespeare… hell if he can read this then good luck to him… Once more I have reached a cross road in my book scenario…

When I began with the book it was to share stories from my growing up, something my family felt I should do for future generations of our family… this was never done to be published, but my writing took on a life of its own and the more Linda read the more she encouraged me to write with the intention to publish….

I wrote and re wrote and then did so all over again. My English was terrible and this I felt would be the deciding factor “To publish or not to publish”.

The Good Lord put Anneli’s blog on my email list and after quite the while I had found an Editor… I think she regretted taking on this book in the beginning.. her question to me “do I understand the passive word or passive verb”, brought tears to my eyes and my answer being “what are you talking about?” I think brought tears to hers. But it gave her a better understanding of my terrible knowledge of the English language… However with perseverance she turned my book into something I love..

Then came the questions from others “Are you going to include photos?” My answer in the positive was made without even thinking it through…

A book with photos is going to cost between $ 69 and $ 89… this puts it out of the market before we begin.. yet without photos, or maybe just pencil sketches we come to a publishing cost between $5 and $8… far more reasonable… but would people be interested in my story, my escapades and experiences? I’m not sure of the answer to that….

So do I publish this as a book and eBook and follow with a coffee table photo book later, is now what I have to decide… a coffee table book of my photos is a lot cheaper when not including 300 pages of my stories… What to do, what to do, is where I find myself… could this giraffe give me the answer?


Maybe I should hop on a plane and go somewhere … maybe I’ll find an answer…


Until I come to a decision … I will continue to bang my head against the wall….