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Akabeko Boutique Hotel Golf Course.

I know I’ve been gone for a while, and maybe you haven’t even noticed I’ve been missing so I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve achieved so far.

You do remember I was off to design and build a 9 hole golf course? Well that’s where I’ve been and still there. A big problem is a lack of internet and cell phone signals, so I have to climb a hill (at my age it feels like a mountain) to do anything on the internet.


The design accepted I climbed into the construction. Lydenburg district is well known for rain that can last for weeks, so it was eyes down and go for it while it’s dry.


The setting of the course is breath taking and with spots like this for tee boxes it is not difficult to design a course with character. (I have sworn at myself for some of the holes)


The 9th is a short hole, but has the most perfect view of the club house and chalets.


The 8th is one of the par fives and two long shots might just see you on the green, but they will have to be good shots.


The 6th is probably to be considered an intimidating hole, hitting off the tee between the trees with a dog leg left to the green, bunker protected is actually easier than it seems. (If I can play it everyone else should be able to.)

And one last photo of the area, breath taking to say the least….


I am ahead of the construction time line, but the rainy season has just begun so we might just see you more often.


A few more photos from our trip…

Does sunset not supply the most beautiful colours for photography…

The Kalahari Tented camp we stayed in… no fences so any animal can get up close… had the brown hyena calling outside the tent, I looked for the witches but saw none…


These wildebeest past within touching distance, but look at the colour after sun set…


The Giraffe are always entertaining as the bend to drink…


This was the view we had of the nearby water hole… no need to drive around, the game comes to visit you…


and one more of the entertainer… the “Rooi-muishond” Literal translation “Red Mouse Dog” but actually known as the “Slender Mongoose”


Till we meet again, go well… will do my best to get on the air as and when I can…

A few photos from our trip.

I’m allowed to take a short break from designing and what better way to do it than to process a few photos from our last trip. The Kgalagadi was wonderful and photo wise very rewarding, but damn that desert can get cold… enjoy the photos… I still have so many to go through…

A fork tailed drongo.. close up..


A horn bill…


A starling….


and as for this little entertainer… a taste of photos to come…


It’s Official – I am to design and build a 9 hole golf course.

The emails have flowed between the owner and myself, I’ve visited the site a few times and now the contract has been awarded me. So for the next six months I will be “on and off” the blogging scene.

Unfortunately the internet is not of the best where we are going, but when I can I’ll look in at your blogs, doubtful if I will get a chance to blog myself, but that’s life.

This has been a life long dream, to design and build a golf course from scratch, has long been on my “bucket list”, in fact for more years than I can remember.

Here’s a few photos from our recent trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park…… I have 100’s to share and now I don’t have the time…..






“I will be back” as Arni said…. just give me the time to build a Golf Course…

Trying to find the time…

After a record month in the Laundry, hell only two and a bit tons of laundry done… I find a quick look at the blog, astounds me to see I’m about to post my 800th post…

So here is the 800th… compared to some of you I’m probably still a baby trying to find my feet…



Running here and there does not allow me much family time with all of you, but I do know you understand… here’s to the family…

Mon 25-07-2014

So I will need to find the time to rebuild my little nest, and get back to visiting you all…

Thur 21-07-2011 143

Have a good week, day, month… hell have a good rest of the year…

More of Kalahari trip last year…

Dianne Gray post today, or maybe yesterday was titled You can’t hide your lion eyes… she admits to an obsession with eyes.. and that had me thinking of a few I captured on our last trip to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park… here is a link to her post… https://diannegray.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/you-cant-hide-your-lion-eyes/

Pop over and have a look… here’s a few eyes for her….

Kalagadi 1293

we were close and the ldv mirror got in the way…

Kalagadi 1294

That close…

Kalagadi 853

But this last one is one of my favourites…

Thur 28-07-2011 054

Now that’s a beady eye…