My Baby is Walking and Going on Her First Date..

Fourteen months ago my baby was born… a tool that I had developed using spread sheets, was viewed by my Son-in-law. I’d asked him to, as a Computer Programing Company owner, to help me make it easier to use. I had sheets here and there linked together and to be honest I could no longer make head or tail of it.

lens photos 037

He saw a potential profit making program and decided to develop it and write the program for me. We formed a company known as Bulldogs Turf Solution, and under it’s auspices the program was created. “terratry” was the babies name and she was born not long after he and my Daughter got stuck in.

Time has past, modules have been tested and like all children she grew. We added on and added one, and with their expertise we developed more and more. till she became a young adult. Was I then happy? Yes but she needed to develop a bit more and she did. Now she has been put to the test over and over, with a hiccup here and there and her reshaping has been magnificent.

Is she complete.? No, but she has reached a stage where all the basics are in her to perform her duties and return the required results. Naturally as we have gone along we have discovered things that will make her so much more desirable and these can be added .. they are not essential to the core of the program but will enhance her as she develops.

Has she turned out as I pictured?? Oh just so much more, way beyond my wildest dreams.. beyond more than I could have imagined.. she is beautiful, desirable and I’m sure going to be a success beyond my wildest dreams… I have now the task of marketing her.. sharing her with others… my.. and how well she performs in her cloud.

She goes on her first date next week, a golf club managed by a good friend of mine has agreed to do the beta testing for us, which will check out her stability and give us feed back from an outsider as to maybe more that is desired.

Four company directors… four company share holders… are we all happy with the results so far.??? Yes yes yes…. Now to find a web developer to build us a site conducive with the magnificence of our product…

Fly my little bird, fly fly fly……

Kalagadi 940-001