African Stonechat.

The African Stonechat (Saxicola torquatus) is a species of the Old World flycatcher family (Muscicapidae).

The males have a black head, a white half-collar, a black back, a white rump, and a black tail; the wings are black with a large white patch on the top side of the inner wing. The upper breast is usually dark orange-red, with a sharp or gradual transition to white or pale orange on the lower breast and belly depending on subspecies.

Females have brown rather than black above and on the head with an indistinct paler eyebrow line, chestnut-buff rather than orange below, and less white on the wings. Both sexes’ plumage is somewhat duller and streakier outside the breeding season. 

These, both male and female have been photographed in the Rietvlei Dam reserve and where captured during their most colourful stage of the year… Here’s some photos….

                            HIM…..                                                                                  HER…….

Rietvlei 25-5-2012 094

Rietvlei 25-5-2012 121















Rietvlei 25-5-2012 104

Rietvlei 25-5-2012 108





























Tania rietvlei 01-08-12 071

Tania rietvlei 01-08-12 072











Rietvlei 25-5-2012 111

Rietvlei 25-5-2012 109