Happy Birthday from WordPress… 3rd..

As I’ve just posted on the difficulty of keeping up I receive notice from WordPress of a 3rd anniversary..

Stats show that 3 years seems to be the norm for most before they tend to fade half into the background… is this to happen to me?

I love the blogging experience and the friends I’ve made all over the world, as well as the fact that Google tends to keep some of my posts high on the first page search and this gets me reads from many sources… Busman’s Hole and Sishen Railway line being two of the most popular….

My new camera will soon bring me back with a vengeance as next month we are going for a visit to the Kgalagadi Gemsbok Park where last year I took nearly 3000 photos with my old camera… my new one is likely to take more as it has that extra bit for the photos that last time were not good enough to share.

I mean look at this zoom…. see the island boxed? Do you think there is anything on it?


Well here is actually what is there…. and this is just the zoom without any crop….


I love this camera……


Have a good day…..

Patience … You either got it or you ain’t…

I suffer badly from Impatience, I hate to wait, I don’t want things to run a slow course, when something is to happen it must happen….. NOW….

This is how I feel about my camera.. It left America, went to Europe and then found its way here. Here it has taken as long to clear customs as it took to wend its way from America. That, unfortunately, is what we refer to here as “Africa time.”

Now it must make its way 66 kilometres to our nearest Post Office in Pretoria and then, when they feel the need, they will let my daughter know it is ready for collection….

She will then collect it for me and put it on a courier to where we are at present…. I think my poor daughter is already sick of receiving phone calls from Dad asking if it’s there yet…

Anyway, while we wait, here are a few photos I reworked from a while back and somehow happier with them this time.. They are of our Giant Kingfisher… enjoy while we wait…

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 185

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 187

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 190

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 191

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 206

What a breast….Crimson-breasted Shrike…

Crimson-breasted shrike (Laniarius atrococcineus) or the crimson-breasted gonolek;

‘Gonolek’ where did that name come from ?? It is supposedly imitative of its call.

It is a southern African bird. —- and it is beautiful… with that red breast you can’t mistake it… continually hopping around on the ground in search of food….


This shrike is extremely nimble and restless, its penetrating whistles often being the first sign of its presence, by no means a shy species. So when this one hopped about on a railway sleeper construction my camera’s shutter went wild….








A bird called Lorna.. a fresh angle..

Before I start this post .. I’m off down to Cape Town for business for a few days so I will be missing from the blogs, but I’ll be taking my camera to capture some photos of our fairest Cape and what it will show me… see you in a few days time, or at the earliest Thursday next week… See you…

Table Mountain (photo courtesy of www.capetown.travel.co.za)


Their famous Waterfront (Courtesy of www.sharkbookings.com)


Now lets get back to a bird called Lorna…

I named a bird after Lorna of Lornasvoice (to see her blog click here)… she has a certain likeness to this bird. She has a very special sense of humour (The bird and Lorna) and this likeness comes through in her posts.

Here are a few more photos of the Grey Crowned Crane (different perspectives)…