Coots cute eggs… breeding time for Coots..

The Red-knobbed Coot (Fulica cristata)

A noisy bird, an aggressive bird, it is likely to bully any intruder, even large birds such as Egyptian geese. It can be seen swimming on open water or walking across waterside grasslands. It is an aggressive species, and strongly territorial during the breeding season.

But what I hate about this bird – and I don’t hate many – its behaviour towards its own young is so aggressive, that only a few are likely to survive to adulthood.

I took a few photos of the birds with their young, lucky for them too far away to even throw a stone at them. They chase them, peck at their heads, how any parent can behave such towards its own young amazes me. Actually I hate this bird because of that. I accept that in certain species the young will fight in the nest till one is killed and then the other gets all the food. Natures survival of the strongest… but this is a parent against its own offspring….


I spoke to a pigeon about this and it informed me it closes its eye to such bad behaviour…


It also said the other alternate is to look the other way….


But as it looked down there was a Coot nesting below …


Were there eggs, would any of these survive??? I will be watching to see what happens…


The Drongo and the Roller… a territorial battle.

The Fork tailed Drongo is an aggressive and fearless birds, given their small size, and will attack much larger species, including birds of prey if their nest or young are threatened.

Observations show that the Fork-tailed Drongo in Africa are capable of using deceptive mimicked alarm calls to steal food from birds like pied babblers and animals such as meerkats.

Fork-tailed Drongos spend a quarter of their time following other animals. Sometimes when a predator is approaching, drongos act as sentries and warn their neighbours with genuine alarm calls.

But drongos also earn quarter of their daily calories by acting like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and sound a false alarm when the other animal finds food. When the meerkats and babblers flee from the non-existent predator, the drongo steals their food.

He will also attack and try to frighten other birds into leaving an area where it is feeding, specially birds that feed on similar foods to it. The Purple Roller is in direct competition for food with the Drongo, so they will try to get them to flee…. in this case unsuccessfully….

The Drongo……

Len 03 05 2014 074

The fly passed…

Len 03 05 2014 084

The Attack….

Len 03 05 2014 088

Len 03 05 2014 089

Len 03 05 2014 090

and then the return to perch after an unsuccessful attempt…..

Len 03 05 2014 125

White-browed Sparrow-weaver…. Cape sparrow…

These are two very descriptive names for two sparrows with very similar nesting habits. They both are social when it comes to building their nests and a good thorny acacia tree can be decorated with up to 50 of their untidy grass nests.

Males are normally monogamous and stay around for the whole breeding and raising period..

Cape Sparrows have been known to also nest in the eaves of buildings etc. and then become very similar in habitat and behaviour to the house sparrow…

These are largely overlooked birds in their specie group as they all just seem so common, yet if one sits and watches as they go about their daily operations, they can be seen to be very interesting…. always busy and on the go, very industrious as well…

Photos firstly of the White-browed….





and now the Cape Sparrow….

len 103

len 105

len 106

On a Clear day….

“On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” is a musical with music by Burton Lane and a book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Well here we had two days of sunshine and a tad clear… so I managed to get 4 photos…

On a clear day, rise and look around you
And you’ll see who just prove you are


On a clear day, how it will astound you
That a glow of your being, outshines every star


You’ll feel part of
Ev’ry mountain, sea, and shore
You can hear from far and near
A world you’ve never heard before


And on a clear day, on that clear day
You can see forever, oh


And on that clear day on that clear clear day
You can see forever and ever and ever and evermore

My health is improving in leaps and bounds, however the pills are keeping me prone most of the time, things will return to normal, I just know they will……….

An Egret a Day.. Keeps the squirts at bay…

Well an Egret a day, they tell me, keeps the squirts at bay… and these are just a sample of what I’ve capture lately…

But a heron a day keeps the squirts at bay..



Do you know why their feet are yellow ?? So they don’t bite their own feet under water… No they walked through yellow paint… or they like yellow socks…. who knows the answer…. I don’t…



and this bloke can attest to the fact that a heron a day keeps the squirts at bay… or so he thought…


What a capture Bulldog… who poops on their own door step ?? Only this guy, and right in my face too…