Have you heard the news ??

I’ve been missing for a while and returned to hundreds of emails from you all… Been up to the city to see the Oncologist with Linda..

In 1990 she was diagnosed with colon cancer, the Dr removed half of her Colon..

In 2007 she discovered she had breast cancer… Operation/ Radiation/ hormone treatment…

in 2011 she had Ovarian cancer… Operation/ chemo/ bald (had to put that in)…

in 2015 after years of three monthly check ups followed by six monthly check ups, she went through the bank of tests prescribed by her Oncologist… Blood tests, scans, mammogram, x-rays etc. The Oncologist has declared her cancer free…. she only has to see him again in 2016…

We left him and wished him Happy Christmas for the end of this year…. Boy are we both relieved as every time one goes for these check-ups you always expect the worst of news… so this was good news, I can breath again…

Beautiful skies and sunsets are the order of the day….



A Bulldogs Bark for Suzie Landau.

I was recently introduced to Suzie Landau’s blog by Viveka at myguiltypleasures my favourite Swedish Girl and Suzanne at awindowtothewoods my favourite American girl. By the way if you’re not following them, do so, they are the most enjoyable blogs to follow. But I digress, I now follow Suzie’s blog for her inspirational outlook at cancer.

Now most of you know that I am married to a triple cancer survivor and she has had the tenacity to kick the big C in the ass, recently declared in remission after a 20 year battle.

I find Suzie’s blog, specially the one before she went into hospital for a double mastectomy (her blog if you haven’t read it) awe inspiring. A woman that has had to make a decision to have both her Boobs (her term not mine) removed due to circumstances of type and history is a must read for any woman. This was a possibility for Linda that the Surgeon discussed with us as to what he might find under anaesthetic, and asked before the op what he must do rather than have to put Linda through another operation. We went with “take ‘em off if the crap has hit the fan”. It wasn’t required.

Now to give things from the perspective of the bystander, the husband, it was traumatic to say the least. It felt for me worse than how Linda was handling the news. Yet in hindsight, I stand in awe of the decision that woman have to make, and try to equate an equivalent in men. Could we lie in a bed and tell the Doctor to “cut the nuts out if necessary”? I don’t think so.

To all the woman who read my blog, who have suffered the C and mentioned it, I admire each and everyone of you. I have witnessed the pain and suffering that Linda went through, all with a smile on her face, and wonder if I could do the same. I tend to think I’m dying when I get a bout of the flu, and probably act a bit like a baby, so I’m not sure I could handle it.

So to Suzie I say, “Kick ass girl, frighten that cancer away with the tenacity that only a woman can show” and you will also always be in our prayers, as are all that suffer from cancer.

A message from Linda…”Keep up the spirit of the fight and you will survive. Never stop to think the worst could happen, then it never will. And it sounds like you have a husband like mine, with their support everything is possible. I will read of your progress using the Bulldogs blog, with all the admiration and support like I was given… you go girl.”


Good news.. Good news..

A visit to the Oncologist turns out to be a good one… Linda only has to return in 6 months time, her cancer counts are the lowest they have ever been.. (I wonder how much of that is the Lemon Juice.??) The Oncologist has insisted she take the last month of hormone block. He feels seeing as she has taken for 59 months she can just as well take the 60th as well… this has been causing her all kinds of side effects for the last 59 months, but next month I will get a birthday present… the last box of pills…

See… CANCER CAN BE BEATEN….  Remission is such a lovely word… 

Sh..t the Bulldog is dancing in the street, with a grin on his face… This good news can only pass on to the now finished computer program…

SIX months before we see him again… damn I’m happy…

A Visit to the Oncologist….Flowers, Birds and Trees…

Last week I had to take my wife for her three monthly check-up at the Oncologist… She has had three different types of Cancer over the last 18 years and these visits are a necessity to ensure if it comes back, we catch it early.. Whilst she was having her scans, x-rays and sonars I strolled around the grounds of the Hospital armed with my camera. These are a few photos I took of the flowers and trees.

I wrote an article on her experience with Cancer and attach a link to that article for all that wish to see… http://www.squidoo.com/workshop/cancer-a-survivors-story  She is my hero and was declared clear again, I hope her next problem is something small like an in-grown-toenail. They have cut her enough now and with radiation and chemo I’m worried she might start to glow in the night and sleeping will become difficult…..

A couple of photos taken in the grounds of the hospital…….

02-05-2012 Len 003

02-05-2012 Len 005

02-05-2012 Len 010

02-05-2012 Len 011

02-05-2012 Len 014

02-05-2012 Len 017

02-05-2012 Len 049

02-05-2012 Len 047

02-05-2012 Len 093












02-05-2012 Len 098

02-05-2012 Len 032












02-05-2012 Len 041

02-05-2012 Len 022