Cape Turtle Dove.. Ring-necked Dove.. Half-Collared Dove

(Streptopelia capicola) Cape Turtle Dove.

My recent (although it feels a long time ago now) visit to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park gave me a new out look at these common birds… Their congregating around watering holes makes them seem to be showing off to the local Jackal as a meal for the having.. yet their fast flight and escape tactics are amazing to watch.

An early morning start had me viewing a water hole surrounded by these birds.. and then the Namaqua Sandgrouse came in to join them.. a Black Backed Jackal kept dodging out of a shadowy hideaway trying to capture his breakfast.. their flight was great to watch and one was not sure who to root for.. the Jackal or the Dove..

The Sandgrouse were just too fast with their ascent and descent, but the doves were a bit more co-operative.. I caught a few doves in flight as shown in the photos.. sat riveted waiting to capture a Jackal/ Dove encounter… but no luck this trip..

Kalagadi 940

Kalagadi 938

Kalagadi 937

Kalagadi 936

Kalagadi 930

Kalagadi 929

Kalagadi 928

Yes keep looking the last photo the flying bird was so fast, even I can’t see him…

Cape Turtle Dove… the bird of peace…

The Ring-necked Dove (Streptopelia capicola), also known as the Cape Turtle Dove and the Half-Collared Dove.

They are abundant in the bush, savannah, farmlands, and woodlands of southern Africa. Their name comes from a black patch of feathers on the back of their necks. The rest of their feathers are a pale brownish-grey, with darker colours on their backs. They also have white tips on the end of their tail feathers.

They are quite noisy in groups, not only for the variety of calls they make throughout the day (and often into night), but also because their wings clap loudly when the birds take flight. Their usual call is a monotonous and high-pitched crooning sound, “Cooka-loo” which they repeat ten to thirty times. They have a second, cackling call that sounds like laughter. Because of the unusual sound of the birds’ call, in the bush it is said that in the morning the call of the dove is saying ‘work harder,[work haaarder’], and in the evening, the call is saying ‘drink longer, [drink laaager’].

It is such a common bird a photographer like me tends to ignore them… this one however just got in my face, begging to have its photo taken… so I did, and was astounded with the result… a true model of beauty that I’m glad I captured, just felt right to post today…. the “peace bird” that’s always around…

Len 2-10-2012 025

Len 2-10-2012 026

Even turned around so that the white tail feathers can be seen… these came out so well I intend to take more…