Fairchild Dornier 328-310 328JET.. Kumba Iron Ore aircraft..

The Fairchild Dornier 328-310 328JET belongs to Kumba Iron Ore in Kathu, which is a branch of the very widespread tree of the Anglo American Group.

This aircraft is one of the most fascinating planes I’ve flown in. The Dornier 328 Jet was designed and placed into initial production by the German aerospace firm Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH, but in 1996 that firm was acquired by the United States aerospace company Fairchild Aircraft.

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The 328JET was therefore the last commercial aircraft to be produced by the former Dornier business before it became insolvent in 2002.

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Following Dornier’s insolvency, AvCraft Aviation of Virginia acquired the rights to the 328 program in March 2003, including the 32-seat 328JET and 328 turboprop, 18 328JETs in various stages of assembly, and the development work on the 428JET. After the successful sale of these airplanes, AvCraft negotiated arrangements with suppliers to resume production.

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The first newly built 328JET was delivered in 2004. AvCraft also took on the production of these aircraft, due to low profit expectations for its other projects, until it filed for bankruptcy itself in 2005.

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The resulting firm was acquired by private equity investors and reformed as M7 Aerospace.

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This is a plane with two pilots and one aircrew, 32 to 34 passengers. Two Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines that give the plane a 3 700 km range at a max cruising speed of 405 knots or 750 km/h.

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Often the two pilots are woman, I wonder if the sun shields have mirrors on them to adjust their make up…

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I must say I do prefer it when they are in the drivers seat… the flight just seems so much smoother…!!