Happy Birthday from WordPress… 3rd..

As I’ve just posted on the difficulty of keeping up I receive notice from WordPress of a 3rd anniversary..

Stats show that 3 years seems to be the norm for most before they tend to fade half into the background… is this to happen to me?

I love the blogging experience and the friends I’ve made all over the world, as well as the fact that Google tends to keep some of my posts high on the first page search and this gets me reads from many sources… Busman’s Hole and Sishen Railway line being two of the most popular….

My new camera will soon bring me back with a vengeance as next month we are going for a visit to the Kgalagadi Gemsbok Park where last year I took nearly 3000 photos with my old camera… my new one is likely to take more as it has that extra bit for the photos that last time were not good enough to share.

I mean look at this zoom…. see the island boxed? Do you think there is anything on it?


Well here is actually what is there…. and this is just the zoom without any crop….


I love this camera……


Have a good day…..

The Flitting, Frivolous, Fulvous Whistling Duck…

The White-faced Whistling duck are not impressed with the Fulvous Whistling Duck, they think they are far too busy. I have to agree with them, they never seem to stand still.


Swimming around beaks underwater in search of who knows what, as their feeding habits are reported as seeds and other parts of plants. In fact they are considered a pest in rice paddies. But they seem to follow one another around in search of whatever it is they are searching for.




fulvous whistling duck



Aaaah maybe the slime is what they are looking for….. But you should all know this bird as it seems to live all over the world…

For those of you that missed the news the growths are not malignant… good news… now only bumps to negotiate and no mountains to climb…

The Egyptian Goose…

The Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiacus) is a member of the duck, goose, and swan family Anatidae. It is native to Africa south of the Sahara and the Nile Valley, and has been introduced to parts of Western Europe.

Egyptian Geese were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians, and appeared in much of their artwork.

Some photos..