Facts about Zebra you might not know.

  • Like our finger prints, the zebra pattern is unique to the individual.

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  • They are highly sociable, will not sleep unless closely grouped for safety, they don’t quite cuddle, but graze together in family groups.
  • They are brave and will attempt to rescue downed family members from predators, circling, biting and kicking at the predators.
  • The maternal instinct of the Zebra Moms is unsurpassed, she will protect them to the extreme, she keeps her newly born away from other members of the family till her bar code is imprinted on their minds, as well as her call and smell.

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  • Baby Zebras drink from Mom for the first year, but they can stand walk and suckle quickly after birth and within an hour or so can run along side her if necessary…
  • Young Zebra are always close to their mothers but form bonds with their fathers as well. For a young stallion to win the hoof of a mare, he has to mock fight her Dad for his approval… I wonder if that is where our asking for the hand of a bride comes from??

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  • The Zebra family are very close, they will walk at the pace of the slowest, oldest or weakest, they will seek those that become separated, they tend to groom each other which probably strengthens their bond.


  • They communicate by sniffing and balking, odd barks and by the looks and positions of their tails, e.g. ears back when angry or cross, ears forward when friendly or calm…

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  • They can run fast, 65 km/hr.. 40 m/hr., they use this with their stamina and excellent side stepping abilities to avoid capture by predators.
  • Although they seem badly camouflaged, the stripes when in a herd, confuse the living daylights out of their natural enemies who have trouble singling out an individual.


  • Lion have been heard to say..”which way is that darn animal facing??”
  • These animals are known to move in their millions (slight exaggeration) ok, tens of thousands when migrating on  the plains of the Serengeti, yet unlike the wildebeest that accompany them that loose their young, very few to no young Zebra get separated from their Moms… Good kids they are, not like a few human kids I know….