Patience … You either got it or you ain’t…

I suffer badly from Impatience, I hate to wait, I don’t want things to run a slow course, when something is to happen it must happen….. NOW….

This is how I feel about my camera.. It left America, went to Europe and then found its way here. Here it has taken as long to clear customs as it took to wend its way from America. That, unfortunately, is what we refer to here as “Africa time.”

Now it must make its way 66 kilometres to our nearest Post Office in Pretoria and then, when they feel the need, they will let my daughter know it is ready for collection….

She will then collect it for me and put it on a courier to where we are at present…. I think my poor daughter is already sick of receiving phone calls from Dad asking if it’s there yet…

Anyway, while we wait, here are a few photos I reworked from a while back and somehow happier with them this time.. They are of our Giant Kingfisher… enjoy while we wait…

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 185

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 187

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 190

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 191

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 206

Giant Kingfisher…

The Giant Kingfisher (Megaceryle maxima) is the largest kingfisher in Africa.

This large Kingfisher feeds on crabs, fish, and frogs, caught in the typical kingfisher way by a dive from a perch.

The Giant Kingfisher is 42–48 cm (16½-18⅞ inches) long, with a large crest and finely spotted white on black upper parts. The male has a chestnut breast band and otherwise white under parts with dark flank barring, and the female has a white-spotted black breast band and chestnut belly. 

In other words she wears the apron and him the bib…

              HIM……..                                                                             HER……..

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 160

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 206















Rietvlei 4-05-2012 149

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 165

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 061














What have we here… too much smoking… a hairball…. a frog shell… not sure what to expect…

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 067

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 068












Rietvlei 4-05-2012 180

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 191













Rietvlei 4-05-2012 182

King Fishers, Bee-eaters and Rollers..colourful birds.

There are several different Kingfishers to be found in my country, approx. 10. This one though is the Brown-Hooded Kingfisher.


Rietvlei 4-05-2012 165The Giant Kingfisher…………….

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 149

The Pied Kingfisher…………………..

Rietvlei 7-5-2012 009

The Lilac-breasted Roller, a bird of beautiful colours. They are normally quite happy to let you photograph them, as this one was.

Mon 25-07-2011 132

Lilac-breasted Roller

Wed 27-07-2011 111

Wed 27-07-2011 110

The Bee-eaters of Southern Africa number approx. 10 different species. Two types below, the Little Bee-eater and the White Fronted Bee-eater.

tue 19-07-2011 205

tue 19-07-2011 199

Thur 21-07-2011 177