Hippopotomonstrosequippedaliophobia… What have we here ?

Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it an animal ? None of these, it is the fear of long words. Now could they not have chosen a shorter name for such a phobia??

I Google searched to find something interesting about the Hippopotamus… and this jumped out at me as I started to search.

The hippo is the third largest type of land mammal… Okay the elephant is the largest, what then is the second largest ? That’s right.. it is the Rhinoceros…

Elephant 4 – 7 tons, Rhino 2.5 tons and then the hippo 1.5 tons. But when it comes to speed the rhino is the fastest of the three at 55 k/h, the elephant 40 k/h and the Hippo 30 k/h… now all three are faster than a human at between 10 and 25 k/h depending on the distance being run… and now you know why we developed the rifle…

But just looking at my title has given me a fear of pronouncing words… I wonder if there is title phobia for that as well ? I know if I tried to pronounce that word I’d probably suffer from Katagelophobia pretty quickly… and as I scan through one long list of phobias I discover another word meaning the fear of long words… Sesquipedalophobia… here’s the list if you want to try and answer my question (CLICK HERE) Good luck… in the mean time a few photos of Hippos..