I’m Turning circles at the Mo… badly placed for Internet.

I’m in Mpumalanga, staying where internet, at best, can be describe as atrocious, but the photo ops are brilliant. The Kruger has obviously had lots of rain this year as the grass is long and the animals are fat, a lovely sight to see.

I’m going around in circles while I wait for the “Talking Turf” next week where my software is going on demo. In the mean time, Kruger, Nelspruit and Lydenburg district is all on the cards.

Will get back to your blogs next week….. now this is turning in circles…


It takes all types to visit the park.

We first of all have an elephant culled because it rolled a car… I wonder what would have happened to these lion if they had of eaten the occupants of the car.???? Come on people stop being idiots and save the animals….


why you should stay in the car……


And now for a laugh… imagine if I went out to photograph animals like these….


Round balls of animlas.

Pearl-spotted Owlet and African Barred Owlet

Pearl-spotted owlet (first 3 photos) African Barred Owlet (last 6 photos)

The pearl-spotted owlet has two feathered eyes on the back of his head, probably to scare his predators into thinking he’s looking at them when looking the other way.

The Pearl-spotted is slightly smaller than the African Barred.. the first being 17 –21 cm (6.7 – 8.2 inches) long and weighing 60 – 100 grams (2.1 – 3.5 Oz) the second is 20 – 22 cm (7.8 – 8.6 inches) long and weighs in at  100 – 135 grams (3.5 – 4.8 Oz).

The Pearl-spotted hunts a variety of small prey. The call is a whistled tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu.

The African barred is partly diurnal, and feeds mostly on insects, although small rodents and birds may also be eaten. The call ..?? No idea…

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