Leopard or Lion… you make the choice…

Here’s the scenario… you’re walking through the bush and you come face to face with either a male Lion or a male Leopard… which would you prefer to face…

A male lion at 190 kg (400 lbs) or a male leopard at 77 kg (170 lbs)

Lion at shoulder height 120 cm (48 in.) leopard 80 cm (32 in.)

Lion a length of 195 cm (78 in.) or leopard 165 cm (66 in.)

Taking the stats of their sizes I’d say the leopard would be the one of choice…. but knowing their aggression I’d say the lion would have to be the choice….

What would I choose ?? Well to start I don’t want to bumble into either and would do my best not to, but if I had to select one… it would be the lion… the leopard, specially a male, frightens the bejinkers out of me… here’s a photo or two of a male leopard we encountered in KNP a while ago…





and how do we know it’s a male… one its head is bigger than the females and he has a set of … (look at the photo…)


I’m going to show more leopard photos in my next post… so you are forewarned if you want to ignore the next post…

Beep Beep Boep… another closer look… more Lion

The lion I posted yesterday have a few additions to them.. Jewels from “Ramblings from Jewels” was all the encouragement I needed …. “Post more” she said and here they are…

But while we’re here have you seen Jewels Blog ?? Here’s a link to go and see what she shares..

And here are the photos…





And the last one is a photo of a photo…


The many faces of BEWARE….

There are times that a picture can replace a thousand words…. and even at times it can replace just one word… these photos from a while back replace one word… that word RUN !!!


Don’t stop the eye is on you….


and I’m showing attention too….


But others are just taking the afternoon off…


Entertaining squirrels of the Kalahari….

Just some more photos continuing on the theme of Fridays post…

“Oh, Oh, who’s that behind me..???……”

Kalagadi 652

“Hello hello hello… what have we here?? A camera with a face attached to it…”

Kalagadi 658

“Think I’ll dig a new hole… hope the wife keeps out of it this time…”

Kalagadi 707

“Damn here she comes..”

“Hey Hubby.. digging a new hole…. let me help…”

Kalagadi 713

“Get out the way… you are making a mess of this… let me show you how…”

Kalagadi 715

“Gone off sulking again… will never listen, just like a man who will never ask directions…”

Kalagadi 718

“She really thinks she’s a know it all…. I’ll just hide behind my tail… anyway I’ve never been lost a day in my life….”

Kalagadi 704

It is such fun to listen to these animals talk to each other…..