All Things Large and Small…..

When one takes to the Kalahari, specially the Kgalagardi Gemsbok Park.. you are all excited about the possibilities of seeing one of these… ‘specially a close encounter like this…

Kalagadi 1278

But there are other smaller animals that can be as entertaining if not more so and the yellow mongoose is no exception specially when so close… what? sharing the food again…

Kalagadi 851

Or the ground squirrels that can be so entertaining and “in your face” close…

Kalagadi 601

Kalagadi 605

Wonder where he stores his nuts.?????…….

Kalagadi 606

Kalagadi 607

More Squirrels on Monday………..

It takes all types to visit the park.

We first of all have an elephant culled because it rolled a car… I wonder what would have happened to these lion if they had of eaten the occupants of the car.???? Come on people stop being idiots and save the animals….


why you should stay in the car……


And now for a laugh… imagine if I went out to photograph animals like these….


Round balls of animlas.

More Lion of the Kalahari.. Road Hogs..

This pride we came across lying on the road… in no hurry to make way for traffic…

Kalagadi 1274

We waited for this vehicle to pass and we moved up next to them to get a few close up photos… My son was on that side of the vehicle and was the closest.. Linda in the back .. she chirped like a chicken calling her chicks.. “close the window, lets move, that lion is going to come through the window.” We took the photos and generally ignored her…

lens photos 351

lens photos 353

lens photos 354

lens photos 355

They pretty well ignored us .. and the cameras continued to click.. it’s not that often that such an opportunity arises….

lens photos 356

lens photos 361

lens photos 366

lens photos 369

Kalagadi 1276

Kalagadi 1279

Lion of the Kalahari….A Sunday Thought..

Is there a difference between Lion in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park and say those of the Kruger National Park? According to the experts the Kalahari Lion have adapted to the arid conditions. To me they have a difference in colour and maybe even size, not that I was prepared, in either case, to vacate my vehicle with a measuring tape and scale.

The Lion of the Kalahari appear bigger or fatter, almost cuddlier, again not a theory I was prepared to test, but below are two photos I took of Lion, the left, of one in the Kruger and the right, one of the Lion in the Kalahari.. The Kalahari being on the West side of the country and the Kruger on the East side..

Thur 21-07-2011 178

Kalagadi 490

The colour is definitely different and that of the Kalahari looks better fed… not that I was going to take a closer look on foot in either case..

But where the Lion is persecuted and shot for its skin in so many parts of Africa… are these not a thing of beauty that should be enjoyed, rather being shot with a camera.??