Crowned Crane.. a Phyllis Diller bird I call Lorna…

I’m sure you all know Phyllis and that famous hair style that looked like she’d been pulled through a bush by the feet….


The bird even has a certain likeness……

don’t know to whom I must credit this photo, or if there is a copy right…


BUT this is a bird I call Lorna…. and I know another Lorna who has recently finished her second book… or is it her third ?? To read more on this book click here..  CLICK CLICK AND CLICK AGAIN.

Or if you want to buy the kindle version you can go directly here…..

But back to Lorna….

As she came strolling through the mud towards us….


Someone shouted out “Get a pair !!!” now we don’t know who they were talking to, but the bird reacted immediately…


“I’m a female” she said and promptly checked…. she moved on into the water, confused now by the comment, as confused as we were….


Do yourself a favour and go to the Lorna link… I believe she is even going to give the book away sometime… maybe someone should tell her she can’t feed herself by giving the book away…

A bird called Lorna.. a fresh angle..

Before I start this post .. I’m off down to Cape Town for business for a few days so I will be missing from the blogs, but I’ll be taking my camera to capture some photos of our fairest Cape and what it will show me… see you in a few days time, or at the earliest Thursday next week… See you…

Table Mountain (photo courtesy of


Their famous Waterfront (Courtesy of


Now lets get back to a bird called Lorna…

I named a bird after Lorna of Lornasvoice (to see her blog click here)… she has a certain likeness to this bird. She has a very special sense of humour (The bird and Lorna) and this likeness comes through in her posts.

Here are a few more photos of the Grey Crowned Crane (different perspectives)…








Lorna.. A few different angles….

I published a post of Lorna, my favourite Grey Crowned Crane and went back a tad to see what other unusual photographic perspectives I had of her… these appealed to me and as she is a bit of a poser I thought I’d share a few more… sure I’ve played a bit with the photos to enhance her beauty more and to make them more pleasing to me… What do you think of them… now I really must get back to the editing… although the Editor is so good I think I’ll credit her as the Author of the book as told to her by me….

tania 059