Food for thought… My style…

My new camera is giving me opportunities I never had before. Its ability to capture the shots I love to take, is hard to get my head around.

Some of these shots were considered not good bird shots and there I agree, but as unusual shots I think they are great…

This bird is known as a Glossy Starling… and I can see why it is so named…


I love to know what the birds feed their young and this one has been very co-operative… I think this is one of the cicada family of insects… the old camera would never have captured this…

Here are a few shots that some are not impressed with…. I love them, almost a peek-a-boo as the bird decides if I’m dangerous and if it can come down to its nest…




and then it comes down to the nest and has a good look at me to make sure it’s safe…


Lorna? Phyllis? call her what you want… she’s a beaut..

Here are a few more of the Grey Crowned Crane I captured the other week, Like the flamingos, I can’t get enough of these photos, as well as the cropping such close ups afford…

Enjoy these few that I just love… A star burst ??


I am so watching what you are up to… wow I do love that eye…





Have a great week all of you…..

Talk about slow traffic… not the internet…

I came across this tortoise the other day, streaking down the lawn at an awful speed… the sun was on the wrong side for good photos so I asked him/her to turn around….

He/she answered that it would be quicker if I moved to his other side, or I must wait for the afternoon when the sun would then be right…. (clever reptile showing me up like that)… Well I was too darn lazy to move around to his other side, there was a six foot fence in my way in any case…

So here is what I captured…. enjoy….


wonder why he/she did not have a shower after the last painting job they did ????


“Hello there” it seems to be saying in this photo….


Wonder if I’d have seen a difference in photos if I had of taken a few at 3 frames per second ???

If you could only see in the mirror what I see….

Why is what we see in a mirror, not how others see us ?? Should we even care ?? I love the reflections these birds make, but not always what I see in the mirror……







I was returning from work today and spotted these on a lake in the middle of a housing area… sneaked on in and took some photos… will be posting more of these when time allows…

Sea Lion… wet and dry…

Now here I’m a bit out of my depth. This is not the lion I know that roams the bush in search of an antelope to make a meal of. This one swims in the sea, basks in the sun at the Cape Town Water Front and STINKS….

I realise they are not only at the Water Front in Cape Town, but these are the only ones I’ve seen in their natural habitat, if basking on the concrete is their natural habitat.

One that had obviously been basking a while was nice and dry. The other made its appearance and seemed to be able to jump up onto the concrete without much effort, even though it seemed FAT… (is one allowed to use that word? Or is it now deemed bad, unconstitutional or demeaning? Maybe it is weight impaired? My blog so we stick to FAT.)

Here’s a few photos….






Certainly are different things to photograph in the Cape….