Kalahari Storm… a blessing for the arid area.

Yesterday saw the storm approach and drop a few drips followed by a rainbow, then the heavens opened and the rain fell with a vengeance.

The approach….

len 19 12 001

The signs of a hail storm somewhere….

len 19 12 002

and then a small rainbow…..

len 19 12 006

a quick trip to the golf course and the heavens open…

len 19 12 015

len 19 12 037

len 19 12 041

len 19 12 043

and when the rain stopped, I saw the poor bird soaking wet, but with bad eyes this is the result of a close encounter…

len 19 12 044

and then the reward of a sky that says “hope you enjoyed that rain”….

len 19 12 047

Lucky the rain and scenes don’t need a good eye, Auto Focus can do the job for me…