Buffalo weavers… are you kidding me ??

Red-billed buffalo weaver (Bubalornis niger)

Buffalo… the type of 4 legged animals that are considered a dangerous specie, have a bird that looks, well by it’s nest, as though it is just as dangerous… here’s its nest… the golf ball gives you an idea of its size… I didn’t put the ball there… some poor golfer probably searched all over the rough for it….


Yet the bird hardly looks dangerous and is, in fact, not…


Prancing around on the ground in search of grubs and worms its main source of food… it does on occasions take seed and such…


A male will take more than one wife and breed with them all eventually aiding in feeding all his off spring…. a sucker for punishment if you ask me…


Red-billed Buffalo Weaver.

The Red-billed Buffalo Weaver (Bubalornis niger).

Now this is an interesting bird, found mainly in the more arid areas, it builds communal nests made of thorn type sticks.

Its easily identified by its plumage. The black (male) or brownish black (female) and red-orange bill, with white wing patches.

Its nests are conspicuous, untidy masses in trees, these I captured on the golf course in Kathu, the Sishen Golf course. I will be posting on this golf course some time on my other blog, a lovely course with plenty of small animals and bird life on it.

The nests are often raided by snakes and the birds try to camouflage the nest entrances…