Sable antelope on Akabeko Golf Course.

If there is something that gives me so much joy, it’s to have wild antelope walking around on the Golf Course.

One of my favourite would have to be the Sable…


The head-and-body length is typically between 190 and 255 cm (75 and 100 in). Males reach about 117–140 cm (46–55 in) at the shoulder, while females are slightly shorter. Males typically weigh 235 kg (518 lb) and females 220 kg (490 lb).


The sable antelope has a compact and robust build, characterized by a thick neck and tough skin. It has a well-developed and often upright mane on its neck, as well as a short mane on the throat. Its general colouration is rich chestnut to black. Females and juveniles are chestnut to dark brown, while males begin darkening and turn black after three years.

As it can be seen these are all not quite 3 years old yet.


Both sexes have ringed horns which arch backward. In females, these can reach 61–102 cm (24–40 in), while in males they are 81–165 cm (32–65 in) long.

these are still growing…


Yet they remain so regal and tough looking even at this age…


They do make a few impressions on the greens, but I can live with that…


This one seems to be checking the view from the tee box…


I do hope they live long and happily on the course..

Akabeko Golf Course

As the course continues to improve and the rains (when they come) aids the fairways growth, the golf course becomes more and more of a dream come true.

As the photo from the first tee shows the first fairway.


The course wants to welcome all the permanent new arrivals, oh how happy these animals make me…




The sable are young yet already they show the deep chested pride they’re well known for..

I am to stay on at the course and will now be in a position to blog more, to share my golf course with you all. I’m sure that you know it is not really my course and belongs in its entirety to the owner of the Akabeko Boutique Hotel, but my design and build, tweaked to his  satisfaction, still feels as though its mine…

This has been and will always be the most desired “bucket list” happening in my life.




Sable Antelope.. only the ladies though..

Tswalu Game Reserve

Sable antelope (Hippotragus niger)

When we were heading to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park in December, we took the long dirt road.. adventure time.. tyre blow out and all.. which if you missed the post CLICK HERE… However on this road one passes the Oppenheimer’s (of diamonds and DeBeers fame) farm Tswalu. this is a magical place that I wish we could afford to visit, but if you want to read a bit about their conservation and farm CLICK HERE

Whilst passing along the road next to their game fencing I spotted these Sable antelope.. unfortunately there seemed to be no male in sight, as he is the magnificent beast of the two.. Men Rule in the animal kingdom… but I borrowed this photo from Wikipedia…


    The sable antelope is a large species. It ranges from 117 to 143 cm (46 to 56 in) tall at the shoulder and measures 190 to 255 cm (75 to 100 in) long, not counting a tail of 37–76 cm (15–30 in). Sable antelope can weigh from 150 to 270 kg (330 to 600 lbs.)

     The males is bigger than the female and his horns can reach a length of 110 cm (44in) and the females 100 cm (39 in).

     The Sable male has a harem of between 10 and 30 females, so this group we saw would have had one male and unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen and with electrified fencing, I certainly was not going to look for him.

     They feed on grasses and leaves and in the heat of the day normally lie up in the shade…

     I am of the opinion that they are on the endangered list, so the Oppenheimer family are doing there bit to save the antelope… well done Oppenheimers.. maybe they will read this and allow me to come on the farm for a day to just take photos… one is allowed to dream…

Here are the photos I took through the fence of the females we saw……

Kalagadi 1429

Kalagadi 1427

Kalagadi 1423

Kalagadi 1425

Kalagadi 1420

Kalagadi 1422