Sea Lion… wet and dry…

Now here I’m a bit out of my depth. This is not the lion I know that roams the bush in search of an antelope to make a meal of. This one swims in the sea, basks in the sun at the Cape Town Water Front and STINKS….

I realise they are not only at the Water Front in Cape Town, but these are the only ones I’ve seen in their natural habitat, if basking on the concrete is their natural habitat.

One that had obviously been basking a while was nice and dry. The other made its appearance and seemed to be able to jump up onto the concrete without much effort, even though it seemed FAT… (is one allowed to use that word? Or is it now deemed bad, unconstitutional or demeaning? Maybe it is weight impaired? My blog so we stick to FAT.)

Here’s a few photos….






Certainly are different things to photograph in the Cape….