Southern Pied Babbler… Can’t remember me…

Southern Pied Babbler(Turdoides bicolor).

A short walk on the Sishen Golf Course and who did I find? One of the noisy favourites the babbler….

They looked over their shoulder whilst giving me a birds eye view of their foofholes… still it was nice to get out for a casual walk and to see a few of my favourites… the camera thought it had been retired, but soon got back into the swing of things…..





My health is as yet not back to normal, this lung thing is difficult to work around, and here I thought giving up smoking (which is going well by the way) would make my lungs better…. but I don’t suppose I can blame the smoking for the collapsed lungs…

My taste buds are slowly returning to normal, although chocolate still tastes a bit strange. But I will continue stuffing it down my throat till it tastes good again… can’t give up smoking and chocolate !!!!!