I’m Turning circles at the Mo… badly placed for Internet.

I’m in Mpumalanga, staying where internet, at best, can be describe as atrocious, but the photo ops are brilliant. The Kruger has obviously had lots of rain this year as the grass is long and the animals are fat, a lovely sight to see.

I’m going around in circles while I wait for the “Talking Turf” next week where my software is going on demo. In the mean time, Kruger, Nelspruit and Lydenburg district is all on the cards.

Will get back to your blogs next week….. now this is turning in circles…


We are off and running…and boy are we running..

Having just returned from a two day “Talking Turf” Golf Industry Show… where I worked the floor to introduce “terratry”, my software package, I find an inbox of emails that would keep me busy for a day, if not longer… and now I will be flying out to Natal, a province of South Africa, to introduce the software.

So I apologise for not being able to read all you beautiful blogs, and just not having the time to upload one of my own. But now is just too busy a time to be able to do anything other than prepare all the necessary things for the up coming trip and launch of the software in Natal… it went so well at the show, I expected a little excitement, but not what I received.

So for a little while now I’ll be missing… so please all miss me… but in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger… I’LL BE BACK… by the way we chose this logo …. thanks to you all for your feed back… it was a real head scratching exercise, and as this came in only a few points below the other… and on expert advice we went for this one… now all that’s needed is to have it tattooed across my forehead and arm…