Akabeko Golf Course

It’s been a long time coming.

A return in part to blogging. Why? Well we have reached that stage where not much more can be done before the rain falls.

When will it rain? Wish I knew…

The greens are so close to completion, just here and there that we need the grass to reach total coverage. Fairways have been top soiled and the grass in part is pushing through without water, strange but true…

It has been a dream designing and converting this….



To this


And this …


Into this….


and the real joy is having the wild life now on the course… doing their inspection…


I’m hoping to get back into blogging on a more regular basis, so look for my likes and comments on your blogs…

31 thoughts on “Akabeko Golf Course

  1. That’s inspiring, Bulldog.

    I’ve been out of touch due to many health issues, surgery recuperation and then a relapse. Hopefully, I’m well on the way to being better and will stay that way!

    Glad you are able to ease back into blogging. (I’ve only posted a handful myself since around May.)

    Welcome back!!

    • Thanks… I’ve been doing my best to get back full time, but with bad droughts at high heat, the weather is keeping me well occupied on the course… hopefully it will all turn about for the better. Hope all the health issues are now a thing of the past for you..

  2. A bit late getting around to this, but hey … a good excuse .. I was in Tuscany went you posted this. At least I kept the notification email around as a reminder!

    Congratulations on the progress because I recall how much you were looking forward to this. Move over Donald Ross, here comes Bulldog. Otherwise, hope all is well with you and your family.

  3. It’s probably not what you’d want to see there, but the second picutures has such lovely colors, shapes and lines (if you can squint ans see it as art)
    Hope the wildlife approves – they certainly add a lot to any scene
    Good to see you back in the neighborhood!

    • Unfortunately we are jn the worst drought in 107 years and what you see in the second pjcture is red topsoil awaiting the rain to turn it all green…. all I was trying to show was the contrast between marsh and rugged bush to what is to become lovely green golf course … no squinting needed, just imagination..,

      • East TX has red sandy soil – multiple shades depedning on the iron content – beautiful in it’s own way, but dusty in years of drought. Rugged land and brush – need some of that so the tamed and pampered lands are really really appreciated ( I’m sure the deer are ready for it to green up too! We have that problem in dry years on golf courses here – difficult to be mad at them, though.)

        • Mad I’m not, but frustrated? Yes. This time last year the whole area was green and lush, with rain holding up construction. Now? When we’re completed, or almosr complete, the rain just wont come at all… being in an area that normally gets 1500 mm rain, my whole design is built around that…. sure you can see the frustration…

  4. Glad to see you back and was happy to see you stop by my site. Im sure you will be proud of your accomplishments, that project is huge and do need your full attention. Looking forward to more post of your project and of course your wildlife photos( i kind of missed those).

    • Thank you… we have received numbers of springbok and impala as well as fallow deer to adorn the course, unfortunately with a bad drought we don’t see much of them yet…but when (want to be positive) we receive rain and the grass grows, they will be seen everywhere…

  5. What ambitious projects! It must be very gratifying to see your dreams realized in this way, Rob. Congratulations! Very few golf courses around the world can boast such incredible wildlife! It is really nice to hear from you and I will look forward to more frequent postings. I’ve thought of you many times and wondered if you were enjoying your “fancy” camera! 🙂

  6. So glad to hear from you, You have been really busy and it looks great. I can see people enjoying a round of golf. You did the right thing followed your dream and achieved ti. Super!

  7. wow Bulldog it looks amazing – no wonder we haven’t “seen” you. Awesome job you clever man. Welcome back – good to have you back. Just a heads up, in the process of a new website – including integration of our blog but it won’t be wordpress anymore 😦 Moving to new format – so will be mailchimp newsletter. Still have to get my head around it but need to sign up so will send a blog advising of the pending move – hope you’ll still follow us and I look forward to you blogging again – missed my morning wildlife shots and giggles xo

  8. You’ve been missed. Nice to hear that the course is coming along nicely. I’m sure you’re feeling a sense of accomplishment. Congrats and look forward to your tales 🙂

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