Akabeko Golf Course

As the course continues to improve and the rains (when they come) aids the fairways growth, the golf course becomes more and more of a dream come true.

As the photo from the first tee shows the first fairway.


The course wants to welcome all the permanent new arrivals, oh how happy these animals make me…




The sable are young yet already they show the deep chested pride they’re well known for..

I am to stay on at the course and will now be in a position to blog more, to share my golf course with you all. I’m sure that you know it is not really my course and belongs in its entirety to the owner of the Akabeko Boutique Hotel, but my design and build, tweaked to his  satisfaction, still feels as though its mine…

This has been and will always be the most desired “bucket list” happening in my life.




39 thoughts on “Akabeko Golf Course

  1. Just picked up your post. I like the look of the first hole. A great achievement to build a course. I envy your blue sky at present as currently playing in temperatures not much above freezing here in the UK. Looking forward to more of your photos etc.

  2. YAY!!! on all counts…great news with the course the animals and seeing your lovely words and pictures back on my screen!!!

  3. Welcome back kind sir. I would expect nothing less than animals welcome within your design. … and they are happy of the vanishing earth-moving equipment. Hope all is well!!!

    PS: I will attempt to answer your question on my side. I ask for your patience in doing so. 🙂

  4. Great to see you here again, that looks wonderful. It must be such a wonderful feeling to have done something of you r dream – bucketlist. Congratulations and enjoy every minute of it!

  5. BULLDOG!! I missed you my friend! It is wonderful to hear from you. Congratulations on the completion of your golf course! I look forward to hearing more from you now that you can come up for air!

  6. Hello hello my long lost blogging friend – not that I can talk, I haven’t blogged since September 😦 So lovely to see some of your wildlife photos – and of course that amazing golf course you’ve been designing. What a clever man you are – knew you were clever with your photography but this also – amazing! I was just talking about you with some guests recently who had been to South Africa – I commented I followed your blog and loved seeing all your wildlife images, something we don’t have here – and that I missed them so your timing is impeccable!

    • I’ve been worried when I saw no comment from you… where you been? Fall off your bike or something? Hope not… looking forward to seeing a post or two from you… hold on, is your absence due to the writing of a book?… hope to see you around, you do remain my favourite All Black supporter. ..

      • I worry about you with no blogging for so long – I looked forward each morning if not each week to see your beautiful photos and read your funny quotations – they always brightened my day. My writing brain seems to have left me – that and I haven’t been on my bike for months. Busy summer season with guests and my motivation levels are off somewhere with my writing brain….. hopefully they will both return someday soon.

  7. So glad you’re back! Sounds like a great opportunity. The art always belongs to the artist. What wonderful views you will have. Producing lots of photos, I hope!

    • Thanks Pat.. the camera will now be along side me at all times, so much to capture that has been missed in the past 16 months,,, specially some of the unusual birds in the area… but to have subjects that share the course with me each day, makes life wonderful… as my principle says “it’s a way of life few get to enjoy” it is so true

    • Thanks Anneli, yes it has been one of those projects that I’m sure any Course Superintendent or green keeper dreams of… I’ve been really privileged to be chosen to design and build this course… having to use the experience of having played golf for 60 years and on numerous differing courses, and then having to picture the end product, has been a bucket list adventure…

  8. It looks simply amazing. Congratulations on such a masterpiece.
    Do the buck range over the course as another interesting hazard? Or a ball bouncing off a buck and into the cup would count as a hole-in-one? 🙂

    • Hi Col … yes they roam the course bringing in a local rule of being allowed to repair marks on the greens… I suppose a deflection into the hole counts like a mobile hazard could cause… the owner is fixing up an old farm house for Linda and I to move into on the course, so all these animals could be soon eating on my front lawn..

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