The Famous Tapestry in the Voortrekker Monument.

There is on display, in the Voortrekker Monument, the famous Tapestry of the Great Trek and it depicts the role of the woman.

The artist W.H. Coetzer designed the tapestries, after which nine women of the ATKV embroidered for eight years to complete it. The series of tapestries depict scenes from the Great Trek, placing the accent on the role of women. The Tapestry contains 3,3 million stitches. The design was apparently undertaken in 1938, but I’m not sure when they started the embroidery of the paintings…

It is made up of fifteen panels, and is a magnificent display… I’m sure the nine women never did embroidery again…

Voortrekker Monument 073

Rhodesian Memorial 112

Rhodesian Memorial 113

Rhodesian Memorial 115

Rhodesian Memorial 118

Rhodesian Memorial 121

Rhodesian Memorial 124

Rhodesian Memorial 125

39 thoughts on “The Famous Tapestry in the Voortrekker Monument.

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  3. Haha, I think you’re right – shame, can you just imagine what must have been left of their fingers after all those stitches! The Boukranz one with the fire in it is my favourite.

  4. This IS remarkable – what a beautiful and lasting tribute to the women. There is also the Bayeux Tapestry – it’s 230 ft long, and depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England and believed to have been done in the 1070s. We missed it in during our trip to Normandy but by all accounts it is an outstanding work. So that’s three tapestries including the one in my post about The Last Invastion – I wonder how many more there are out there ….

    • It is amazing and I have had my wife tell me all about the hard work that had to have gone into it… apparently it’s a lot easier today than what it was then… so my admiration for those women has grown…

  5. Absolutely amazing – also given that they lived in a time where things were very tough and they also had to cook, clean, wash by hand, struggle against the elements and have babies! A true testament to the strength and determination of women

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 incredible pics and incredible story.

    • I have followed a few of the tracks these pioneers used specially over the Longtom pass which they used, amazing people, not sure I would want to have lived in those days.. the other route I’ve been to they had to dismantle their wagons and carry them down the mountains as they where just too steep to walk them down… added a three month break to their journey… one of the tapestries depicts this area that we know so well… these had to be tough women…

  6. Unbelievable… wonderful capture of an effort that deserves the honor — 9 women/8 years— cannot even fathom how much work and discipline this took. Very glad it is preserved. 🙂 ~ Much Love BD!

  7. Oh my! This is so breathtaking. I can hardly believe that it’s the work of only 9 women. What dedication. I admire their tenacity. They must have worked their fingers to the bone.

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