Sable antelope on Akabeko Golf Course.

If there is something that gives me so much joy, it’s to have wild antelope walking around on the Golf Course.

One of my favourite would have to be the Sable…


The head-and-body length is typically between 190 and 255 cm (75 and 100 in). Males reach about 117–140 cm (46–55 in) at the shoulder, while females are slightly shorter. Males typically weigh 235 kg (518 lb) and females 220 kg (490 lb).


The sable antelope has a compact and robust build, characterized by a thick neck and tough skin. It has a well-developed and often upright mane on its neck, as well as a short mane on the throat. Its general colouration is rich chestnut to black. Females and juveniles are chestnut to dark brown, while males begin darkening and turn black after three years.

As it can be seen these are all not quite 3 years old yet.


Both sexes have ringed horns which arch backward. In females, these can reach 61–102 cm (24–40 in), while in males they are 81–165 cm (32–65 in) long.

these are still growing…


Yet they remain so regal and tough looking even at this age…


They do make a few impressions on the greens, but I can live with that…


This one seems to be checking the view from the tee box…


I do hope they live long and happily on the course..

25 thoughts on “Sable antelope on Akabeko Golf Course.

  1. My comment is a bit late but congratulations on a good looking golf course. No signs of antelope on my course. Just as well they wouldn’t be safe!

    • Thanks Brian.. they safe with me as are the spring buck, impala and a few other specie… nothing nicer than playing a course with the wild game all around you

  2. Beautiful creatures! I don’t the the imprints they leave behind aren’t so bad, but what about the droppings? No one complains?

  3. Great pictures of this beautiful animal, Rob, They look so shiny and clean! and I just love those ringed horns (I actually didn’t realise the females had horns as well – you learn something new every day) 😉

    • Thanks Dianne… one of those antelope I got to know in boarding school at the age of 7… went to school in an area where there were many, fell in love with them then…

    • My favourite is the Buffalo… followed by the Sable… the Buf because of its sheer size and might with that dour look about it, yet the most dangerous… the Sable because of its look..

  4. I think describing the beautiful beast as “regal” is definitely appropriate! I simply can’t imagine the sheer joy of living–and playing with them as close neighbors! So good to see your post, Rob.

  5. oh my gosh they are gorgeous aren’t they. Regal is an apt description – I was thinking how majestic and then read the next piece with you saying how regal. Keep them coming 😉

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