On The Road Again… Business Tripping..

Linda and I are hitting the road and we aren’t sure how long we will be missing you…. Can’t even say we will look in every now and then as we don’t know the signals where we’re going…

Ill be missing you;
In all the old, familiar places;
That this heart of mine embraces;
All day through.


On the road again –
Just can’t wait to get on the road again.

The life I love is making business with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

Choen school day 053

On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve already been.

rietvlei 274

Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

rietvlei 179

On the road again –
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway


We’re the best of friends.
And our way, is on the road again.

rietvlei 230

We’ll be seeing you when we see you… miss me please….

79 thoughts on “On The Road Again… Business Tripping..

  1. I must bid farewell for tonight as my laptop is running out of juice. I have been sitting here with my husband for the last almost three hours lurking on your Blog getting caught up and as you know when I do this I am pain free. This is the best medicine ever! Thank you my friend. I will indeed be back tomorrow and then go to Linda’s Blog to get caught up. Missed you both!

    • Thanks Brian… I’m tiered of all the phone calls and no action… so now it’s time to get down and in their faces and push them into a decision one way or the other…

    • Thanks Frank a hard push for sales trip.. got a tight schedule and a distance to travel… haven’t even found time for a game of golf… now that’s bad when I’m calling on nearly 40 golf courses…

    • Thank you Ronnie… it is going to be a long trip interspersed with demos, meetings and trying our hardest to sell the software… work work work I’m afraid is going to be the order of the day… early up and late to bed…

    • Thanks Vanessa… it is now an all out push of the software with book year ends in December, so we have to get out there and in some faces to get sales…. also addressing a Turf Managers meeting so lets hope… but it will be demo after demo and push push push… we need the sales now…

  2. Bulldog and Linda, my prayers go with you. Please know that I will be missing you both very much. Bulldog, you are a source of daily inspiration to me to keep going in my writing and just life in general some days. Yes, no doubt, you will be greatly missed….no need to ask. I pray that where the Lord is leading you both is filled with much peace and joy. Please be safe and come back soon!! Much love sent your way……Skye

    • Thank you Skye… this is a major business drive for our software, we need a successful trip, we have left our guidance in His hands and just know if it’s meant to be it will happen… thank you, we will be looking in when ever we can, but there are no guarantees…

      • Please know that I will be praying for you each day for safety, success, and that you will both see God’s hand in all that you encounter. Give Linda a hug for me!! 🙂 Be well, Sweet Friend!!

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