A few photos from our trip.

I’m allowed to take a short break from designing and what better way to do it than to process a few photos from our last trip. The Kgalagadi was wonderful and photo wise very rewarding, but damn that desert can get cold… enjoy the photos… I still have so many to go through…

A fork tailed drongo.. close up..


A horn bill…


A starling….


and as for this little entertainer… a taste of photos to come…


27 thoughts on “A few photos from our trip.

  1. It’s really nice to hear from you, even if it’s just a brief submission. I hope all is well with you and you’ll be back to us more frequently down the line! Your photos are, as always, really extraordinary, Rob!

  2. It’s fascinating to see animal behaviours close up. I can visualise the challenge and pleasure you had making these photos.

  3. I just love drongos for some reason, Rob. They’re almost the teddy bear of the bird world! I’m looking forward to seeing more pics like this – that little entertainer is a cutie pie 😀

  4. Great photos, as always! Interesting that your starlings look a lot like ours in the US. They sure do get around. 🙂

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