Life’s little hic ups….

Is it not strange how life can have so many twists and turns or ups and downs? The ups and downs seem to follow one another faster than traveling down a dirt road that is badly corrugated. The twists and turns seem to keep us from ever seeing the proverbial “end of the tunnel.”

At what stage of life does one say “Whooo enough is enough.” Or are we just expected to keep on persevering in the hope that life will eventually happen?

In my younger days life just seemed so much easier, less complicated, rushed, or for that matter, I seemed to have less worries. As age has caught up, so have the gremlins that now place me in a science fiction story I don’t want, or seem to be able to get out of.

Health, wealth and happiness, something we all strive to achieve, will evade most and only favour the few, certainly not the majority. Once over 50, you are definitely heading towards the end, certainly few can expect this to be the middle of their lives. Yet none ever seem to give up and say “This is it, let me now sit back and await the inevitable.”

This makes me think. The world is turning from the old and experienced, towards the young that have the theoretical knowledge, those able to make a good argument or presentation of their expected results. Is this what we can expect to increase in years to come?

When my children were young, there was hardly even talk of computers. Or suffice it to say they were on the larger side, so large they had their own dedicated room. Today we sit with laptops that are carried around like ladies hand bags, we have the tablets and mini tablets that seemed to adorn the hands of most you see walking the streets. Hell the cell phones that progressed from a “brick” to the competition for “who’s is smaller than who’s.” Now, it’s what the hell, it’s no longer a cell phone, but a computer I put to my ear on the odd occasion to make a phone call.

Yet it seems this very progress is what is making the old, their experience and knowledge gained from the university of hard knocks, redundant. Well good luck to the young of today, those that still have a long life with their parents. Those that must still leave home and search for “health, wealth and happiness.” Life might just find you redundant before what is better known as midlife.

Now I’ve wasted most of your time, in fact I lost most of you on the way. A rant or rave on the inequities of life is not what most blog for. Certainly not what most want to read. So for those of you who have politely staggered through the muddy mire of my mind this day, here are a few photos my grandson took of a hooded vulture…

Maybe this is the future of my postings, have I reached that mile stone where one says “enough is enough…”?? mmm… something I need to contemplate ….




82 thoughts on “Life’s little hic ups….

  1. Why not rant? You are on top on the hill with a 360 degree of your life, the past behind and the future to look forward to. Once you go down that hill, leave your baggages behind and the journey will be light, easy and satisfying. At the end there is only serenity and a clear head to trudge along life’s journey.

  2. You haven’t wasted my time, Bulldog. In fact I have that kind of overthinkings of my life too, especially when I’m not feeling good. I think there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as we go on living live the fullest with our possibilities. Our children and grandchildren will have their reflections when they’re as old..ahum…as we are, maybe thinking “what were we thinking!” 😀 Your Grandson is talented just like his Grandpa. Take care!

  3. I did not mind reading this and though I am considerably younger than you at times I feel the same. I am confident your ranting is just a temporary phase and that you will be posting more of your incredible shots soon. Best to you dear Rob!

    • Yes Paula… it was just an early morning “get it off my chest” day and instead of lumping it all on my poor wife I decided to lump it on the blog… but the comments have made it all so worth it… I actually really enjoyed the post … need to lose it more often may be…lol

  4. You can rant away! In fact, I cannot wait to read this to my children. I am thankful they are being brought up differently than most of their friends. And, by the way……they love you (the over 50 guy who they cannot wait till he posts again). Even your rants hold great wisdom, BD. You are a cherished WordPress blogger AND friend. Don’t give up on the world….keep being you. We need more you’s in the world!

    • This is so kind of you to say Skye.. the over 50? more 60 I’m afraid… but that is beside the point… I often get to the computer and these things just flow out of me… I needed to get it off my chest and this time gave Linda a rest and put it on all of your shoulders… but it has turned out to be just what I needed… went into a meeting today and came out successful with order and now off to the Cape for more work which hopefully will also be successful… but what ever the rant gave me renewed energy levels to go on out and fight for myself against youth…

  5. You have every right to rant, Rob. It’s incredible how youth is valued over so many other more meaningful qualities. But I believe that there will be a turning point (maybe too much of an optimist). As for the pursuit of wealth – that can be quite misguided too – I’ll stop there. You don’t only have education and experience but you are a gentleman – a rare breed. Not to say you can’t be tough as well, you’ve got to stand up for the important things. Thanks for sharing, sometimes important things aren’t discussed on our blogs.

    • Thank you Brenda.. sometimes just writing down the frustrations of life, helps clear the mind and kick starts a renewed attitude… this was the case yesterday and hopefully the good news from yesterdays meeting is sustainable…

  6. This is one of the reasons I left full-time work, Rob. Younger people kept getting promotions over me and the head of the department gave a speech one day that left everyone over fifty in absolute shock and rage – he said, ‘over fifties are beyond it and need to give their places to young up-and-coming people’. This department is a major Australian department that is supposed to be working ‘for all Australians’. Needless to say he is no longer there, but it’s this kind of attitude that works against us and we need to fight back (yes – I’m over fifty and I know I have more to offer than someone fresh out of university). I’ll always fight this fight so I’m backing you up 110 percent 😀

    • Thanks Dianne,,, it seems such a pity that when I was young and thought I knew everything I still asked the opinion of the older and wiser and in many cases used their wiser advice… it just seems a pity, when now in certain fields experience will always overshadow “school”, that the school is chosen…??? Seems crazy till you look who is making the decisions, the school leavers… maybe they hated their Dads???

  7. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and concerns, because I can relate to everything you say. As I said to a good friend this week, “I thought it was supposed to be easier as you get older” – we’ll just have to keep on bouncing back.

    • That is so true Brian.. time moves on leaving the body slowly deteriorating, yet the mind seems to remain in that child or youngster mode… it is this that the younger generation should be listening to and hearing, that with the years of experience and not looking at the signs of age on the body…

  8. Sometimes we don’t need to have a master plan, sometimes its about just reflecting on what has been before a new idea takes hold. Bulldog you’ve been ill, and still recovering. Just pause a little. You’re just feeling a little lost right now thats all, which comes to us all at times. 🙂

    • I have needed to let go and release the built up tension for a while now… and this rant sure went a long way to clearing the mind and opening new avenues of thought… necessary sometimes to blow the cobwebs out to make room for rejuvenated thought… Thanks Amanda for the lovely comment…

  9. I read every word Bulldog. As a Coloradan, I’ve often said 50 is the summit. After climbing that mountain, it’s all down hill from there……But never give up 🙂

  10. Your Grandson took some very nice photos indeed.

    My life started the minute I left home and went overseas, then there was this little hiccough called 40+ years of working……….then I got my life back again at age 56 when I had to take early retirement.

    Thank goodness I got rid of the hiccoughs!

    Kind of sad when I think of young people today. They missed out on the first TV, the first computer, the first mobile phone and the first………………..oh, just……. everything!

  11. I love the ranting bulldog! I don’t think we’re quite obsolete yet though… or maybe we are and I’m just in denial? 😀 ! And these are great photos; your grandson comes by his talent honestly (genetically)
    Diana xo

    • Thanks Diana.. yep a ranting bulldog not a barking one… you are still too young to be obsolete.. but beware time is marching on and they little nuances of age become far more prevalent in the daily grind of trying to keep up…
      Thank you for the complement of his photography, he has a talent that needs no nurturing….

        • I know you are over 50 I was trying to be polite and not make you feel old… lol… I can assure you this old dog still has a lot of bite left in him… and I am not scared to use it… fight the good fight my motto…

  12. I love your rantings and totally relate to this one. It is a shame in this country that the wisdom of the elderly (not saying we are in that category yet) is not revered as it is in some. There is an arrogance in some of the youth here that I don’t recall expressing as a youngster, or perhaps it is because in my older age I have forgotten. 😉

    • LuAnn… I’m sure even at your youthful age, you would remember having respect for the experience of the older generation. Sure we would on occasions challenge certain theories etc. but it would be done with respect and reverence.. today one is judged to be right for the job on the Power point presentation you produce and little strength is awarded to experience and knowledge learnt at the Uni of hard knocks…
      Maybe I’m just ranting and raving because I’m over the hill in the eyes of some and not in my own… but you being so young would not be able to relate to that… “grinning”

      • I do remember well, kind sir, and find it a bit sad how the world has changed on this subject. I watched a documentary a few years back (can’t remember who the primary speaker was, which is probably due to my age) but he was advocating less Ivy League expensive schooling and more trade school educations. He was deeply concerned over potential employers caring more for the school one attended than what had been learned and also the vast amount of debt that today’s kids are carrying with them after graduation…a very interesting approach.

  13. It seems we like your ramblings and rants, perhaps we’ve had a few similar thoughts of our own. As I look at my body acquiescing to old age, the wrinkles more prominent as with the aches I remember that I still have my mind…until the moment I don’t…those moments when I can’t remember the name of a person I know very well…my sister used the lovely term “brain fart” to describe this phenomenon.

    Or a few years back when I had a roadside emergency and had to borrow a phone…and when handed an iPhone had to ask, “How do I make a call?” The looks I got! Yesterday I felt victorious because I read a tutorial and figured out how to do three things on my phone! I used to have to go ask my son and have him do them for me.

    My solution to being redundant…become a specialist in something vintage. 🙂 As it becomes less and less used…you become more and more valuable and then you hope like hell it doesn’t become obsolete! 😉

    • Oh Mrs P. how right you are… it is this very vintage thing we have just had the success with and hope that the success will be sustainable… a subject where age and experience won, knowledge gained over many years and the ability to adapt that knowledge to today’s market, has got us our first leg up.. lets hope it is sustainable and not become obsolete…
      Yes the brain fart is very familiar to us.. Linda and I were in a shop and this young women with her two children greeted us like long lost family,,, we replied in like manner, me pretending all the way… when she greeted us and moved on, before I could ask Linda “who was that?” she asked me.. two brain farts at the same time…

  14. I could relate to your rant and I’m glad you still have some bite left in you. I confess I gave up … I no longer had the stomach to play at the younger person’s game in today’s business world. I just felt like an anachronism. It’s nice to know that some others – like you – are winning battles, no matter how frustrating.

    • Thank you Joanne.. we have to battle on in this day and age or be so well off that one can sit and have no supplementary income… we developed a software package for use on golf courses that is a little slow in selling due to nothing like it on the market, so in the mean time to supplement that income we market skills learnt over years of hard knocks and experiences… and here is where the youth and power point presentations comes in against us… not the knowledge and experience and it is when they choose youth without the knowledge, I loose a tad in faith.. so be it but don’t expect the Bulldog to lie down and give up… he may rant and rave every now and then but fight he will fight and in the end we will succeed …

  15. Dear Rob, you and I shall not spend the rest of our days that have been given us by the almighty sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs carping about how youth is clueless and things just ain’t like they used to be; comparing our injuries and scars. No! We may have pauses in our journey and some of those pauses may leave us wondering what does it all mean…but afterwards we need to go somewhere, anywhere, just as long as we are going.

    • Thank you Teri… yes I will never totally sit back and give up… I’m too proud to do that, but I can get pretty P…sed off with developments when people underestimate my intelligence and worth and virtually shun my company built on experience and intelligence from the school of hard knocks… Teri, I will not sit back and allow others to bully me aside, in fact beware who you push, just in case they push back… A meeting this morning has been successful in that a company is going to use our services because of age and experience over youth and enthusiasm… but will this continue as sustainable we will have to see what the future holds…

      • Age and experience – once revered – has now been relegated to being the old model and many want the new model which hasn’t been tested and proved (great example are all of the new electronics that become old as soon as you take the damn thing out of the box; don’t get me started on mobile phones) Or as my mom used to say “I didn’t get this old by being stupid!” Congrats on the meeting. If we don’t stand up for ourselves…who will.

        • The use of technology and power point presentations seem to be the way forward today, give a good PP presentation and you have the job… when all you’ve shown is you can do a good PPP rather than have the knowledge to do the job… that’s what really gets to me… to get a contract now must you employ someone who is good at Power point??? seems ridiculous…

  16. Life definitely has its ups and downs, and we all have times when we wonder why we even bother. However, I know that the Bulldog is a tough bugger and will be back to his happy, funny self in no time :). You just have to do what you love and love what you do and screw the rest!!

    • Thank you for such encouragement… yes today is a bad day and the Bulldog has put into words what he was feeling… sure I’m still up to kicking butt when I need to and we have returned from a meeting where old time principles and experience won out over modern “classroom” taught technology… if this shall give us a sustainable future we will have to see in the future… but stand back because the Bulldog will find a way to teach youth and a false sense of bravado a lesson… It’s just I’m getting tired of trying and walking into brick walls because the thoughts are that experience is not enough, as well as the under-estimation of knowledge gained from the Uni of hard knocks is not sufficient to give advise… I love and am passionate about what I do, and to have a youthful person feel they can continue with something I developed without me and on top of that, claim my discovery as their own without paying for it, just pisses me off beyond words or comprehension… beware the Bulldog can bite….

  17. Well can I ever resonate with all you share here Bulldog. This world has changed for us 50 plus folk to the point that it’s unrecognisable to the one we grew up in. I agree with everything you say here, you know my feelings. It’s never failed to amaze me how, in Japanese culture for instance, that the older generation are revered and respected yet in our western culture as you say, anyone over 50 seems to become irrelevant. I felt this way when I was made redundant (twice!) from my job back in 2011. Then I found my writing and you know the rest. You’ve found your writing too…and how is your book edit going by the way? Not to mention your spectacular photography…and your wonderful sense of humour….

    Life sure is full of twists and turns and it can seem sometimes that we are pushed back at every corner (oh I know that feeling oh so well) and it can bring us down. Whatever it is that’s happened in your life right now, I really hope that it eases for you and that the right door opens at just the right time and you’ll see that age doesn’t matter – YOU matter. The hard knocks can seem relentless at times, never-ending.

    So, I don’t have any magic answers for you, but I hope the days ahead start to become a little sweeter and you find the way forward, that direction, that path, a renewed focus…hugs to you my friend 🙂

    • Thank you Sherri for such a comment.. lets see to start with the book editing is nearing completion and to be honest I cannot believe what my editor has done with my book… she has made me out to look so clever it is not true, she is brilliant… I cannot believe it is my book… in fact now I’m getting nervous as we near publishing time…
      I am going to give you the same news I’ve just passed to another friend… I have just returned from a meeting which was one of the directions we had talked of following, and we returned from the meeting with a positive commitment to use our services which are based on old time knowledge gained from years of experience that cannot be learnt in the classroom. So once again I return with a semi rejuvenated faith in age and experience, but is this going to be sustainable and continue into the future? We will have to see…

      • That sounds really wonderful about your book Bulldog, can’t wait to read it…exciting publishing times ahead for you… 🙂
        And that’s great news about your meeting and the decision to use your life-experience which surely has now been recognised as counting for an awful lot. A degree is one thing but life experience and knowledge is quite another…about time this was recognised and respected a lot more…
        Let’s hope it’s sustainable…for now, sounds like things are moving in the right direction and that is great news indeed 😀

        • Sherri.. I have a degree and seven diplomas, but these are now so old and things have progressed to such an extent, they mean nothing any more… so all I have to sell is my experience and knowledge gained along the way, something not really recognised in today’s world…

          • Well, it goes without saying that you are not only experienced but very well educated. It’s so sad that that doesn’t count for much these days. Makes me so cross and that’s an understatement < : (

  18. As I read your post, I found myself nodding in agreement. One day the youngsters will be where we are now and realize that it is our generation that has paved the way for them; just like previous generations have done for us. Whether they value our life experiences, the stories we have to tell, or the wisdom we can impart to them, they will know that we were here and that we made a difference. “I know who I am, what I am, and how I serve.” Every little thing we do … like holding each other’s “virtual” hands through our blogs brings light to this world. Never underestimate what YOUR light has provided to all who read your words, my friend. Keep shining!

    • Gina such an awe inspiring comment from one so wise as to see what is on my mind… I have just returned from a meeting which was one of the directions we had talked of following, and we returned from the meeting with a positive commitment to use our services which are based on old time knowledge gained from years of experience that cannot be learnt in the classroom. So once again I return with a semi rejuvenated faith in age and experience, but is this going to be sustainable and continue into the future? We will have to see… Thanks again Dear friend…

  19. Oh, Rob, you’ve just been laid low by the old appendix. You’ll struggle up and out because that’s what you do. I give you permission to coast awhile and test the wind with your finger before you plunge forward. My old mother used to say that the only people who have no more problems to solve live in the cemetery. Chuckle… Some days, I wonder about the way forward too, but I have critters calling so I forget about it. You’ll be okay. We don’t have much choice, now do we! 😉

    • You are right George… but it is sometimes good to get it out and off the chest, to clear the mind that decisions needing a direction can be made… it is these directions that at the moment are lacking movement, we seem to be taking all the wrong roads for all the good reasons and trust and old age faith in people is back firing and even slapping us in the face… am I right with this? No…. I’m a fighter, but at this very moment my aggression could have the wrong effect on something totally unrelated to my problem… it is this frustration and the want to fly off the handle and crush someone that could go pear shaped for others unfairly… so we have to sit back and contemplate our navel, wondering in which direction to go now, with the feeling that no matter which way we go we are to be disappointed once again…
      By the way George I so want to comment on your brilliant photos and find you have closed the comments, is there a reason for that…??

      • Hey, Dean used to say that fuming over anything or worrying about it was a total waste of energy. When a plan didn’t work for us, we simply jumped in another direction! If you keep moving, you’re a harder target to hit! 😉 Forget what you can’t fix and move on up the road. I closed comments because I am entering a lot of posts for the journal and can’t keep up with visiting. If you want to say something on a post, just click on one of the photos and you’ll be able to comment. Thank you so much, Rob. You always make me feel optimistic! 🙂

        • Thanks George for the heads up on the comments, it is just the last few posts have had such brilliant photos that one feels bad done by when you can’t give praise where praise is due… now I know where to look I will…
          Yes we keep on springing back up and have done so all our lives and this will probably be no different, it is just a bit of frustration at all the brick walls we’ve walked into lately, that I’m getting tired of the “which way now” scenario… I just want one small success to manifest itself to give me back a bit of faith in what we are now pursuing as the right path… getting too old now to change direction again completely…

  20. oh Rob – can’t say I ever get sick of reading your posts – ranting or raving, giving us a great commentary of your photos, your captures, your wisdom and your lessons – both in life and wildlife. Definitely didn’t loose me! Your Grandson obviously follows in your footsteps on the photography front too – great photos!

      • Hey Rob,
        Maybe you’ve earned a time to coast a little bit until you get your bearings. Your photography is excellent, and you’re a fine writer. I wonder if that might be a focus of a project. Is there anything you’ve been putting off for a long time that you could focus on while you “theta wave” on it? I think I’m in a place right now where I am catching up on major projects while I summon up the energy to surge forward on my manuscript. So while I’m not doing much writing at the moment, my carport is spic ‘n span for the first time in twenty years, we’re growing our own food in our garden, and my yard looks fantastic. There is a certain satisfaction from just getting something done, especially if you’ve been putting it off for a long time.

        • Naomi, thanks, I have finished my book and it is at an advanced stage of editing… I have taken so many photos of late that I could probably post daily for the next two months without going out again. Yet I seem to have reached a stage where the inequities seem to be out weighing the way forward, the plans seem dashed at every turn. Just when we think things are going forward they seem to within a day reverse their direction and new plans need compiling. It is these plans that continue to change or fail that have me now thinking which way forward and even if there is a new plan out there… I feel almost like I need to give up for now, to take a step back and wonder on the way forward… I’m not getting younger and too much seems to be stacking up against me at present, so much so that any planning now made, is consider to fail before we put it into practice, not a healthy situation .. Life’s little hic ups seem to be getting bigger and louder as we progress down a path which seems to have no definite end…

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