My 7 Super Shots…..A challenge from Anotherdayinparadise2’s Blog

I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots.

A photo that takes my breath away…Taken recently at Kathu Airstrip…

took my breath away

A photo the makes me laugh or smile….mmm.. taken at Margate Harley Week..

Makes me smile

A photo that makes me dream….The Orange river early morning…

Makes me dream

A photo that makes me think… can it get so hot here?

Makes me think.

A photo that makes my mouth water… mmm.. no explanation needed..

Makes my mouth water..

A photo that tells a story… what lies do you think I’m telling the Grand Son?

tells a story

A photo I’m most proud of (my National Geographic’s shot) A Giant Kingfisher, with crab…

worthy of nat geo 5

And those that I challenge to enter this fun challenge…

Or anyone else creatively aroused… that looks at my blog.. give it a go.. there are so many of you that are outstanding…

47 thoughts on “My 7 Super Shots…..A challenge from Anotherdayinparadise2’s Blog

  1. Thanks for popping in and following my blog. As punishment I will be following you too! If these pics are what you do with your present camera you will be a “dompkop” to go upgrade, they are magnificent. Wish I could move around as you do, but I am city bound. As for the greens I am afraid my golf may be superb from T-box to green, but when putting comes into play I spoil the day. (Stopped playing it has become too bliksems duur for a pensioner in Cape Town.

    • Jy kan dit weer se… It is no longer for pensioners.. luckily I was Chairman of the KZN Turf Managers Association for two and a half years, so get invited to play a few free games but that is all I can afford… even a round in the 19th is beyond me… well I’ll be watching you too one pensioner to another… You are following cause that’s the one I’m most active on… enjoy.. love Cape Town… just your rugby isn’t so good…

  2. Fantastic. Good for you for answering the challenge. How fun. Loved them all. Especially the grandson whisper and the last stunning shot. Great job and thanks for sharing. It was great to see. 🙂 Sam

    • Thank you … it is by far my most treasured capture.. the bird caught the crab in front of me.. knocked the legs off and devoured the crab.. it came back later and coughed up the shell… I captured the whole event over a two and a half hour period in 50 odd photos.. a lucky day…

  3. I must apologize. I believe I have been calling you Ray. I have a friend who reminds me of you and now I know your name is Rob. So sorry 😦 These were all such creative shots. I guess I don’t have to tell you that my favorite is of you and your grandson. How nice!

  4. These are all awesome!!! Love them all … but, honestly the best – CHOCOLATE WITH MOUSSE???? OMG … never saw this before. Must get some. LOL! Actually all the photos are amazing. 😀

  5. FANTASTIC POST!! My favorite is you with grandson… I don’t think you are telling lies dear bulldog…. I think you are sharing wisdom 🙂 Much LOVE!

    • Thanks had a lot of decisions to make, trying to find something I felt fit the category… but the last is my pride and joy… not many people have a capture like that and I have about 50 taken that day, even to where it coughed up the shell…

  6. Awesome photos! Number 4 is the one that makes me laugh – it is definitely that here! Your National Geo photo is amazing. Good job on the choices! Oh, my guesses on your question: 1. There is a dollar in change on the bottom of the pool. 2. Don’t get me wet. 3. Your diving is going great, but straighten it out a little.

    • Thanks Tish, still going like a Boeing, program nearing completion with plenty of testing going on… coming out way above anything I could have dreamed of… will be down that way in a couple of months… will need to organize a drinkie poo…

  7. WOW! These are amazing shots… They all fascinated me. And how lovely you and your grandson! Blessing and Happiness, Thank you dear Rob, have a nice day, love, nia

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