Prickly Pear Cactus…

Prickly Pear Cactus, family Opuntia

I came across this cactus, or is it cacti, (this language called English) when in the Kalahari visiting my Son. I know the genus is Opuntia… but which particular cactus it is.?? Don’t ask me… I just found the flowers and new fruit a great photo opportunity…

Len 10-10-2012 089 Len 10-10-2012 085

Len 10-10-2012 086

Len 10-10-2012 091

Len 10-10-2012 088

Len 10-10-2012 092

35 thoughts on “Prickly Pear Cactus…

  1. Beautiful! I collect cacti and succulents. I spent the day Friday at a local Botanical garden doing some study and recognized that man of my favorites originate in South Africa. I think we have very similar climates, BD. I’ll be posting on that trip soon. I just love the variety and when they bloom, it is a real treat. I’d love to know more about the one you show here.

    • “Opuntia ficus-indica” a plant I’ve become very familiar with having seen it all my life no matter where I go … it is an invasive plant and the smallest off-cut will grow… many farmers that farm in semi arid areas plant lands full and feed stock with the leaves in the more difficult times… they regrow so quickly, it isn’t true… growing up we used to eat the fruit… knocking it off the plant and rolling it in the soil to get the thorns off… the skin was peeled off and a very succulent heavily pitted fruit was there to enjoy, a definite thirst quencher when deep in the bush without water..
      I believe it is native to Mexico, but is now fairly world spread where arid areas exist…

  2. Hmm. Like so many of us, once you get past the armor, we’re just lovely inside. And sometimes we show our loveliness to the world just to make them want to brave the tough road to get inside. Beautiful pictures of a subject that, for once, stands still!

  3. That cactus looks very much like what I grow in my ranchero garden, Opuntia Ficus Indica. I know they DO have tons of them in the Kalahari so that’s probably what it is!
    I absolutely LOVE their flowers and your pics of these beauties are fantastic!
    Thanks for this thoroughly enjoyable post!

    • Thank you for the heads up on the plant… or should I say confirmation… I had a feeling that is what it was but didn’t want to say in case I was wrong…you see it has now been declared an alien weed invader in this country… Oh well its beauty still shines through and I don’t think they are ever likely to eradicate all these declared weeds…

  4. I go with cacti for multiples, love the vibrant color, so nice to share spring, we forget it is spring somewhere! Are the pixels something new, or my computer? Anyway, cool shots bulldog!

    • my point exactly… my confusion is when one looks at a single bush like in the photo … id it a cactus or cacti.?? some comments are saying lovely cacti… but it’s only one bush..?? this English language… no wonder I nearly failed it at school…

  5. Isn’t it interesting how the most beautiful things can be the most painful? It is like the beauty is protected…I have always thought that about roses and their thorns.

    • Why, if you can, explain to me is the “us” on the end is singular and the “i” on the end is plural..?? This English language is sent to test me… lol… yep too thorny for me as well….

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