Pied Kingfisher…. What’s hiding in the reeds?

On my recent visit with “Boy” to Upington, work of course, I had an early morning photo session. I managed to get myself amid the reeds and the birds flew in mostly without seeing me….

This Pied Kingfisher landed three metres from me and was just not sure what the hell it could see… of course it was me…

“What the … is that the Bulldog sitting there?”


“I’m sure that is the Bulldog, but he has an odd eye…. big and black…”


“May be I should skedaddle…. but he is not moving….”


“Lets give him a portrait photo and then move… he looks as though he needs to take a breath….”


and then it flew off…..

47 thoughts on “Pied Kingfisher…. What’s hiding in the reeds?

  1. What a wonderful experience (getting this close to a bird).
    I try to wear dark clothes all the time outdoors which I think makes birds wonder if I’m a tree.

  2. Beautiful bird. Beautiful shots bulldog! He’s so considerate, allowing you to get the portrait shot and then leaving so you could take a breath! Do you have a black eye? ❤
    Diana xo

  3. I chuckled when the bird sad “skedaddle”, haven’t heard that word in awhile and coming from a bird it as even more funny.
    Great shots, Bulldog.

  4. my abiding memory of Uppington is that they abandoned apartheid but that the township was still 20kms out of town with the busses stopping at 6pm. Beautiful little town none the less. P.S. Pat, the most important part of a camera is the six inches behind it.

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