Home improvements

This little Southern Masked Weaver was quite the entertainer as he busied himself improving his home…. the reason?? To attract a mate… he would look so busy ‘til a female flitted past, then he would fly up and try to get her attention… you could almost hear his pleas… “Come and see the home… please”

I wonder how many men have done the same.??


He seems to be tightening the anchor ropes…..


“What was that.?? a female?” …


“May be up there … oh well back to work…”


41 thoughts on “Home improvements

  1. I didn’t know they built the nests first??? Now THAT is dumb. I always thought the males found themselves a mate first and then showed her how clever he was by building her a nest – and to think – those bitches have the cheek to break up a nest that doesn’t even belong to her – eina

  2. Love the captions as well as the photos. Are these more from your wonderful new camera?

    I caught a bird biting off strands of Thyme off the potted herb on my balcony years ago. I initially thought it was going to eat the herb, but no, I finally concluded it was going to line its nest. Thyme, with its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties would mean that was going to be a very healthy nest for chicks – now isn’t that intelligent nest-building. I might add the bird didn’t take any other herb beside the Thyme.

    • Yes from the new camera… still use my old one occasionally… many birds have been known to line their nests with certain herbs… they probably know more about nature than we do…

  3. That’s quite the impressive nest. Mine used to keep his “nest” tidy but now – don’t know what has happened. He blames me but I’m a clean freak so definitely not my doing!

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