Hippopotomonstrosequippedaliophobia… What have we here ?

Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it an animal ? None of these, it is the fear of long words. Now could they not have chosen a shorter name for such a phobia??

I Google searched to find something interesting about the Hippopotamus… and this jumped out at me as I started to search.

The hippo is the third largest type of land mammal… Okay the elephant is the largest, what then is the second largest ? That’s right.. it is the Rhinoceros…

Elephant 4 – 7 tons, Rhino 2.5 tons and then the hippo 1.5 tons. But when it comes to speed the rhino is the fastest of the three at 55 k/h, the elephant 40 k/h and the Hippo 30 k/h… now all three are faster than a human at between 10 and 25 k/h depending on the distance being run… and now you know why we developed the rifle…

But just looking at my title has given me a fear of pronouncing words… I wonder if there is title phobia for that as well ? I know if I tried to pronounce that word I’d probably suffer from Katagelophobia pretty quickly… and as I scan through one long list of phobias I discover another word meaning the fear of long words… Sesquipedalophobia… here’s the list if you want to try and answer my question (CLICK HERE) Good luck… in the mean time a few photos of Hippos..





88 thoughts on “Hippopotomonstrosequippedaliophobia… What have we here ?

  1. The third largest WOW. I had no idea the elephant was the largest. You nailed these up close shots and info that went along with the photos.

  2. 1. You’ve been reading my blog too long. Now you’re a better wordmorphologizer than I am.
    2. These head shots were not nearly as pretty as the kitties in the other post. Impressive, but here were talking Ernest Borgnine versus Sophia Loren.

  3. Although I love most wild life the hippo leaves me cold. Just the thought that he can, and has, bitten people in half – well I always keep a safe distance. I remember one year up at St Lucia going on the river in a rowing boat, nogal! The hippos surfaced not far from us and we fortunately were able to beat a hasty retreat!

  4. la lunghezza del nome si sposa benissimo con la larghezza della testa!
    molto apprezzata la vostra ironia nel delineare questi magnifici scatti

    the length of the name marries well with the width of the head!
    much appreciated your irony in outlining these magnificent shots

  5. I had no idea that the mighty hippo had such a mighty name! I always learn something new when I visit your blog. Great shots, too!

    • Been chased by an elephant, not too pleasant, been chased by a rhino, not to pleasant, have seen a couple of hippo charging back to the water… definitely don’t get in the way of that …

  6. Well, that WAS a mouthful! I’ve always heard, too, how the hippo is so very dangerous. but loved the photos of him!

  7. Gertting that close to a hippo does NOT seem like a good idea. They kill more people than any other large animal, and getting anywhere near a territory-protecting male or a young-protecting female is simply asking for trouble. The best protection against them is to be somewhere else! 🙂

    • They have been companions most of my life Col, and they do show a sign or two of aggravation before really getting upset… I camped in a caravan for 4 months on the Lundi River in Rhodesia and had them outside my tent every evening where they kept the grass well mown for me… there was never any sign of aggression then unless you got between him and the river… yes they are aggressive and have been known to kill many, yet are not one of the big 5, I wonder why, but like all animals one must learn to read the signs…

  8. There’s a new one for me, Rob! I have always heard about a charging rhino, but does a hippo charge, too? I wouldn’t want to get too close, but there is something in that big old appearance that looks docile to me. I’m quite sure that in a natural habitat they wouldn’t look like an animal I’d be inclined to provoke! 🙂 Thanks for the laugh in your title! I thought at first you’d found a whole new animal to tease us with! 🙂

    • These big beasts if caught between his feeding spot and the water will charge down a straight line and mow down anything that gets in the way… he will chase you away from the river or dam if he’s so inclined, and he will attack a boat if he felt endangered… the surprising thing I find is his ability to move through water like a proverbial speed boat… that mass manages to get on top of the water and speeds along faster than one could dream of going…

  9. Ah…..the famous Hippodyle (or crocamus)…nope hippo then!!! I can remember canoeing down the Zambezi River and having to really be careful to avoid these guys. They’re darned quick and not as gentle and lumbering as they look. Paddle faster!!! 😉

    • You are so right about that… crossed the Lundi river once only to discover whilst wading I had company. a bull hippo .. glad he decided I was not a threat as I had nowhere to go…

    • The teeth are definitely not as white as normal, yet I wonder if it is not the supplementary feed they were getting for the winter… their normal food being green grass that when they’ve eaten in one spot it looks like someone went in with a lawn mower…

  10. Great to see the hippo out in its natural habitat. It’s hard to imagine he can run so fast, but I don’t plan to challenge him.

    • and more… saw one get upset with an observer that had left his bicycle lying on the ground while he teased them… the bull came out the water it looked like a speed boat… the bicycle was totally unrecognisable when he had finished .. it was bitten to pieces… been known to bite canoes in half and even to do major damage to bigger boats… hefty set of gnashers these things have…

  11. I was certain you had created this word yourself until I read further. And leave it to a “smart-ass” son to know all about it! I do believe that rhino needs a good toothbrushing. 😉

    • Thanks LuAnn yep it would be a youngster that would know how to say it and what it meant…
      Just finished reading about some smart alec that sold an app program to apple for $30 000 000 now that’s what you call a smart-ass with a mouthful of teeth… wonder if someone like that would be interested in my software…..

  12. Rhinoplastyrosserbosserpossercosherlosserphobia. I wonder who thinks these up.

    M in Stammer
    T in Stutter
    S in Lisp
    People to help with spelling – Dyslexia Association.

    These are great photos, and thanks for the info.

  13. I can’t pronounce 🙂 I can’t! This is amazing post, I am learning too, your photographs are so nice dear Rob, Thank you, love, nia (by the way, yes I can’t pronounce this word BUT I can’t write too without looking 🙂 )

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