Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle…. something upcoming..

I have been a little quiet yesterday and today as we moved down to Kathu… We have a small house here to move into and that has kept us pretty busy, driving down and then cleaning the house.

No sooner were we finished cleaning up, when the wind came up .. strong enough to blow a few trees down and of course to refill the house full of dust and sand once more….

I mentioned to my son about my flamingo photos. His answer was “Did you take them at Kimberly?”

“WHAT???? where would I find flamingos in Kimberly???” my answer….

“Google it.!!!!”

Is that the only answer one gets these days.??… well I did and that is where the monkey enters the picture… CLICK HERE TO GO TO THRE LINK FROM WHICH I SHARE A FEW FACTS…

How is it I’ve never heard of this before today (yesterday actually)…???????

“The flamingos of Kimberley’s Kamfers Dam offer a rare and lovely sight – thousands upon thousands of these pink birds stretching for as far as the eye can see. This area is one of only four breeding sites in Africa for lesser flamingos and is a must-see for any birder.”

DAMN….(excitement) it is only 2 hours drive from here…

12. flamingos_736_300_80auto_s

Not my photo, but sorry in the future you are about to be inundated by such photos…

“Kamfers Dam is a permanent wetland just minutes by road from the iconic old diamond mining town of Kimberley. Some years there are around 20 000 birds at the dam; but sometimes the population can rocket up to 50 000 birds and more.”


“The lesser flamingos flock to this dam because it has an abundance of algae, the favoured food of these filter-feeders. Apparently the amount of algae in the dam has been put at 750 000kg.”


Sorry all… I will be visiting there next week and you can be assured I will insure every battery I have is charged and ready… and then….. MORE FLAMINGO PHOTOS…. yahoooooooooo….

Filicide…. This should not happen in nature..

It was quite a spectacular morning watching this mother feed her three chicks…. I have only ever seen them with two at the most, but this mother had three…. Every time she dived to get a little water weed the young would crowd around to get their share…

Now this may sound strange that I say I’ve never seen a mother with three chicks, but I will quote for you from the internet about this bird…. “It is a resident breeder across much of Africa and in southern most Spain on freshwater lakes and ponds. It builds a nest of dead reeds near the water’s edge or more commonly afloat, laying about 8 eggs (or more in good conditions). However, its behaviour towards its own young is so aggressive that only a few are likely to survive to adulthood.

So I say again, it was a pleasure to watch this mother feed her three young instead of chasing them away… now that is when you call a bird by the female of a dog…. a bitch…






and all they actually want to do is cuddle with their Mom…


How can a Mother not like that..????????

Talk about slow traffic… not the internet…

I came across this tortoise the other day, streaking down the lawn at an awful speed… the sun was on the wrong side for good photos so I asked him/her to turn around….

He/she answered that it would be quicker if I moved to his other side, or I must wait for the afternoon when the sun would then be right…. (clever reptile showing me up like that)… Well I was too darn lazy to move around to his other side, there was a six foot fence in my way in any case…

So here is what I captured…. enjoy….


wonder why he/she did not have a shower after the last painting job they did ????


“Hello there” it seems to be saying in this photo….


Wonder if I’d have seen a difference in photos if I had of taken a few at 3 frames per second ???

What is Artistic licence?… and how am I doing?

Now there’s a question no one wants to see.. hell, how do we politely tell this man his own artistic licence is up to pot…?? Please don’t do that !!!

I so wish I could paint, to take these photos and commit them to canvas, to frame and place on my wall… not all of them, (haven’t got a big enough wall) but some just appeal to my eye.. like this one… would this fall into the genre of an abstract ??


These birds twist and turn with their preening, and there is more than often an opportunity to capture a different aspect of their colours from the different angles they get into… like this one…


The differing feathers, from thin to broad, the golden feather tips that are below the wings.. the mauves or reds (hell what colour is that??) towards the tail. The delicate feathers around the neck, almost hair like… the broad perfect feathers of the wings, and then the head gear… a pin cushion of gold… what a bird God created here…


a few more photos of those I love….



Have a great day as I will be having… go well….

700… an even number, but an odd feeling…

A fellow blogger commented on it being her third birthday on wordpress and this impressed me beyond words… 3 years ??? … seemed a blogging life time, as  I wondered if I’d ever make it…

photos from the loonybin” had made it 3 years… then I remembered “A Frank Angle” had been blogging since the first computer was discovered and internet came into being and had 1 500 posts… hell I’d never reach that….

Damn it if a little research didn’t frighten the katonkas out of me… I made my first post on the 30th March 2012 that’s two and a half years ago and this is my 700th post…. now I feel old…. half as old as A Frank Angle (will have to respect his age and call him Uncle) and getting close to Photos from the loonybin, (hell I might just have to call her Auntie)….

So who does one thank for being around this long ??

108 000 visitors to my site I would suppose are the first, cause they are there…. and hell that is approx. 150 views per post… My articles on “street article” (225 articles have received 200 560 reads, approx. 890 reads per article, wow this analysis is frightening)

31 000 odd comments made by others and myself… cause they have shown an interest…

and then wordpress for hosting my site without many hassles, or for allowing spammers to inundate my blog with their codswallop…

So here is a post that might be longer than usual but I do love these photos and want to share them with you all…

Thank you for being just so much more than followers, but rather the friends that you have become….

In reflection over the last 699 posts………….

Thur 21-07-2011 110

Pondering on the posts made, visits and comments…..


Looking back I might have done some things differently…..

lookin back

Hell I might even have been accused of being windy…..


I’m sure we have shared a few secrets…..

shared secrets

We might even have gossiped about others…

talked about

BUT… I’m sure we have never fought….


But rather looked out for each other… aided and even shared each others posts….

looked out

But what does the future hold for this blog..?? I’m sure while I have visitors, or people who comment and show interest…. even those that voice the love of learning from this blog… I will continue…

So here’s to stepping out of the mud and grime and continuing on with something I’ve really grown to love and can’t stop doing….

walking ahead

Please come along and enjoy the ride as we head on down the road of bloggers sphere…

On the wings of love….

Just smile for me and let the day begin
You are the sunshine that lights my heart within
I’m sure that you’re an angel in disguise
Come take my hand and together we will rise

Thanks to Jeffrey Osborne for the lyrics of  – On The Wings Of Love

Whilst at the bird hide, a certain white-throated swallow came and perch near at hand begging to have its photo taken. The wind was blowing and it kept its pose as I moved to as near as possible…




It then dropped off the security wire to a reed nearby…..



What beautiful eyes you have.. and leathery cheek…

I love this shot I took with a little zoom… the bird remained un-perturbed by my hand over the ledge adjusting the zoom…

I probably would never have been able to see the birds eye so close, or for that matter, the leathery type skin of the cheek, if this bird had of known I was in the hide…


I loved this shot for the artistic shape and form of the feathers… the bird was preening behind its wing… also with a little zoom…


One of the other birds that was in close proximity was watching me with great interest….


One can almost hear it saying “I have my eye on you, try anything funny and I’ll warn my friend !!”