A weekend off and what did I see….?? Baby Rhino….   29 comments

Been hard at it, but it has been great. Enthusiastic employees makes training easy. A weekend off and Linda and I made a turn at Rietvlei Dam and guess what? We got some photos and over heard a conversation.

Ah Mommy looking for what there is to eat……


And under the tree having an afternoon nap like all good children should do… Baby…..


So small and already growing a horn… what that is a horn?????


Maybe we should just call it a … BUMP…..


“Come little one lets see what is over here…”


“What are we looking for Mom.???”

“Something to eat..!!”

“But I thought we lived on Milk from your belly..”


“I know what I eat is under there…”


“Whooow Mom what a big Butt you got.!!”

“Watchit …. that is not what you say to a lady…”


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A visitor or two to the camp site…..   43 comments

These videos where shared on a Facebook page which I follow… it is the Kgalagadi Sightings page… these two videos were taken at a camp site to which my son and I will be going soon… it gives you an idea of how close we can get back to nature… this type experience is just so special…

If the links do not open just copy and paste them to your browser and they should open… not to long but well worth the view…



I have two contracts to work through, but will be in and out whenever I can… they should keep me busy till the end of August…

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Being of sound mind and body do hereby… does this lion need those words.?…   59 comments

I will let the photos do the talking….

Kalagadi 475

Kalagadi 478

Kalagadi 481

This guy is really in his prime….

Kalagadi 485

and with a shake of his head…

Kalagadi 487

Kalagadi 490

I might not be around as much as I like for the next few weeks…. got work to do…. see ja…

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Entertaining squirrels of the Kalahari….   51 comments

Just some more photos continuing on the theme of Fridays post…

“Oh, Oh, who’s that behind me..???……”

Kalagadi 652

“Hello hello hello… what have we here?? A camera with a face attached to it…”

Kalagadi 658

“Think I’ll dig a new hole… hope the wife keeps out of it this time…”

Kalagadi 707

“Damn here she comes..”

“Hey Hubby.. digging a new hole…. let me help…”

Kalagadi 713

“Get out the way… you are making a mess of this… let me show you how…”

Kalagadi 715

“Gone off sulking again… will never listen, just like a man who will never ask directions…”

Kalagadi 718

“She really thinks she’s a know it all…. I’ll just hide behind my tail… anyway I’ve never been lost a day in my life….”

Kalagadi 704

It is such fun to listen to these animals talk to each other…..

Wolhuter and the lion   13 comments


The Kruger National Park in its early days was not for the faint of heart… this is a long read but well worth it for those wanting to know a bit about the early years…

Originally posted on de Wets Wild:

Among the valuable historical items on display in the Stevenson-Hamilton Memorial Library at Skukuza in the Kruger National Park, is the skin of the lion that attempted to make a meal of the legendary ranger, Harry Wolhuter, and the tiny knife that put an end to its plan.


 “It is probable that the lion would have grasped me by the head, and then this book would assuredly never have been written! “

Ranger Wolhuter recounted the story in his memoirs, “Memories of a Game Ranger”, published in 1948:

In August, 1903, I was returning from one of my usual patrols on the Olifants. On the second day after leaving the camp my objective was a certain waterhole en route, at which I intended spending the night, when we reached it we found that the pool was dry. It was now about 4 p.m., and the only thing to be…

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All Things Large and Small…..   48 comments

When one takes to the Kalahari, specially the Kgalagardi Gemsbok Park.. you are all excited about the possibilities of seeing one of these… ‘specially a close encounter like this…

Kalagadi 1278

But there are other smaller animals that can be as entertaining if not more so and the yellow mongoose is no exception specially when so close… what? sharing the food again…

Kalagadi 851

Or the ground squirrels that can be so entertaining and “in your face” close…

Kalagadi 601

Kalagadi 605

Wonder where he stores his nuts.?????…….

Kalagadi 606

Kalagadi 607

More Squirrels on Monday………..

A few shots from a while back that I keep returning to……   69 comments

Lion……………………. early morning shots just before sun up….. not of the best, baddish light, but I just love them….

game res 18-07-2011 034

game res 18-07-2011 033

game res 18-07-2011 024

game res 18-07-2011 021

game res 18-07-2011 017

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