Warthog… A pig with an attitude…

The common warthog or warthog (Phacochoerus africanus)

A warthog is identifiable by the two pairs of tusks protruding from the mouth and curving upwards. The lower pair, which are far shorter than the upper pair, become razor sharp by rubbing against the upper pair every time the mouth is opened and closed.


A tusk will curve 90° or more from the root, and will not lie flat on a table, as it curves somewhat backwards as it grows. The tusks are used for digging, for combat with other hogs, and in defence against predators – the lower set can inflict severe wounds.


The common warthog is the only pig species that has adapted to grazing and savannah habitats. Its diet is omnivorous, composed of grasses, roots, berries and other fruits, bark, fungi, insects, eggs and carrion.


“I love my hair style”

A female common warthog with piglets, will defend them very aggressively. On occasion, common warthogs have been observed charging and even wounding large predators. Common warthogs have also been observed allowing banded mongooses to groom them to remove ticks.


Like most of the pig family, they do love their mud bath…..

Barber Shop and Laundry in Kathu .. The sons..

We came down to aid our son to get his two businesses up and running… did a little carpentry work and now we do a little laundry work… I’m not known as a “Jack of all trades” for nothing..

A few photos…..

The Laundry…..

2014-12-10 15.46.24

The inners of the place….

2014-12-10 15.47.31

Linda now the “Chief Launderer” ……. only clothes not money….

2014-12-10 15.51.10

and the Barber Shop…. now in full swing … pity I’m bald….

2014-12-10 15.54.28

Looking good… well I think so….

Now we are going this weekend to fit another Barber Shop in Upington, 200 km away….

2014-12-10 15.54.08

Life is never going to stand still…. I love it…

Laugh and the world laughs with you…

What is left for me to do but laugh?? I got to answer a few comments and hopefully will get to view a few posts… but please bear with me till things improve…

Thur 28-07-2011 052

beep boep

Thur 28-07-2011 053

Camera still on its way… power cuts every day… internet, a laugh… me?? what more can I do but laugh… Africa is a tough continent that one needs to get used to…

Rolling Black outs, Intermittent internet, Mall openings and still no camera….

Where have I been? What have I been doing? and what am I going to be doing? Well to start with both of Sons businesses are now open and running, Linda and I getting the one off the ground…. the other managed by competent staff….

With intermittent internet, (a huge frustration in my life) and rolling blackouts country wide, due to all sorts of excuses from our electricity supplier.. I haven’t been able to post or for that matter even read posts…

I managed to reblog a post which was fairly quick and that is about all… I might even have posted a comment or two, but not very many… most frustrating when you are reading a post, comment and the answer comes back…. “Internet connection lost, no internet” and that spells out that….

The new mall had its opening this Saturday which seems to have gone off without any hitches, thanks to back up power plants that kicked in when the power switched off… But then I have to remember I live in Africa and things work differently here…. still I have the wild life and birds, even if, not as yet, my new camera…. Oh well, you call it Africa, we call it home and love it here…


Lets all laugh together as it aids with keeping ones sanity….


Stripes of a different kind… Hey what you doing in my photo??????

Charming Creek Walkway – A Ride full of Charm


This is a New Zealand couple that have a guest house… Jan who loves stopping at the bakery writes the words and Stephen does the camera work…. this blog is well worth the visit…. beautifully written and captured in photos…. this site should and could become a magnificent coffee table book….. have a look

Originally posted on coastingnz:

We’re back up to Ngakawau to ride the Charming Creek walkway. Making the most of the guests staying who are keen mountain bikers from Vermont we wanted to take them on one of our favourite trails.  A great trail filled with plenty of charm.

charming creek walkway and tunel

We meet up at the car park with Lauren and Geoff and also Nina and her gorgeous dog Raewyn – friends from Westport.  The dogs are certainly ready for a good run.

Following an old tram line from the sawmill and coal mining days from a bygone era we head off winding our way around the Lower Ngakawau Gorge above the creek.  After much rain of late the creek is fair gushing and there are waterfalls aplenty adding to the interest of the ride.

charming creek waterfalls

While this is a relatively flat trail it can be a bit of a bumpy ride with many of the rails and…

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Patience … You either got it or you ain’t…

I suffer badly from Impatience, I hate to wait, I don’t want things to run a slow course, when something is to happen it must happen….. NOW….

This is how I feel about my camera.. It left America, went to Europe and then found its way here. Here it has taken as long to clear customs as it took to wend its way from America. That, unfortunately, is what we refer to here as “Africa time.”

Now it must make its way 66 kilometres to our nearest Post Office in Pretoria and then, when they feel the need, they will let my daughter know it is ready for collection….

She will then collect it for me and put it on a courier to where we are at present…. I think my poor daughter is already sick of receiving phone calls from Dad asking if it’s there yet…

Anyway, while we wait, here are a few photos I reworked from a while back and somehow happier with them this time.. They are of our Giant Kingfisher… enjoy while we wait…

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 185

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 187

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 190

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 191

Rietvlei 4-05-2012 206