Sunrise a Thanksgiving Gift..?

As the sun rose in Pretoria South Africa this morning, on the American Thanksgiving day, it certainly was a beaut……

tania 003

tania 006

tania 007

After suffering a period of rain that never seemed to want to give up… I even caught a strike on camera, but don’t worry it didn’t hit our house…

tania 001

The sunrise reminded me a lot of the sunsets I captured in Kathu… 600 odd kilometres away…



len 16-07-2012 004

65 thoughts on “Sunrise a Thanksgiving Gift..?

  1. Awesome. I generally find that sunset is far more vibrant than sunrise. It’s like the sun is still only waking up and not ready to shine like it is later on in the day, or maybe the air is till asleep and too tired to brag about the coming day. Anyway, Your framing with the palm tree adds that little professional touch, your Katu sunset pictures are also amazing, I particularly like the Acacia tree silhouette, very cool, well done.

    • Thanks Geoffrey… I also prefer the sunsets but on the high veld they are less impressive till one moves more west in the country… the sunrises are usually just that the sun breaking the horizon… but on the odd occasion one gets one like this…

    • The lightening was a change underpants moment… camera out the window wondering if I’d be quick enough to capture the bolt… BANG.. finger press completely by reflex from fright… and there it was… got one hell of a fright… But the sunrise was outstanding and was a sign of a good day ahead… which it was very fruitful.. with progress on the computer program…

  2. I’m glad you said the lightning didn’t strike the house, because it certainly looks like it! I’m amazed you got that shot – it’s incredible.

    I’m watching the sunrise as I’m reading your post, but mine isn’t nearly as spectacular 😉

  3. We love to capture the fullness of the day as well! Thanks for sharing the view from your part of the world! Great photos!

  4. The lightning photo is amazing – we had the same sunset tonight … but without the palm trees – sat on the train over to my mums … wasn’t able to get a good shot of the sky on fire – your photos are dramatic and beautiful – nature is a wonderful gift … we have so much to be thankful over – and we take it most of the time for granted. Thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you for these incredible photos! What a nice greeting on Thanksgiving morning. So much to be very thankful for. Happy day of thanks to you bulldog!

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