South Africa’s largest solar power plant… REISA… Solar Power..

Renewable Energy Investment of South Africa.

A company called REISA has almost finished with a project 16 km from Kathu… This is a farm of solar panels, that when finished will produce 100 MW of power without any CO2 emission..


I had passed the area before today on my way to certain areas of interest for my camera, but never expected to see what I saw today…




Apparently the park is 75% complete and is now producing 75 MW of power that gets fed into the national power grid controlled by Escom…


Escom’s coal fired electrical generating plants produce 36725 MW so a solar generation of 100 MW does not sound a lot in fact only 0.27% of our power… but if we save that percentage in carbon dioxide emission, then I’m all for the progress our country is making….

Above a few photos of the apparent 350 000 panels all mounted on their stands, all in rows as far as the eye can see… do they move with the sun ?? No one can tell me, or they don’t want to tell me…