Meerkat… or Suricate, who knew that ?

A call from my son to let me know that three young meerkats had been spotted in a certain area had me dashing to get my camera and rush over there… and it was a rewarding dash.

The meerkat can become very tame and accepts human proximity fairly quickly… where these three came from no one seems to know, but they seem quite self sufficient as I witnessed them feeding…


they are veracious eaters and I witnessed many a beetle, centipede and even a frog being devoured.

They soon accepted my presence and even moved around with me when I moved. In fact I wish there had of been another photographer with me. One sat next to me on my camera bag and posed as though he wanted to take over the sentries duties. In the wild there can be up to 30 of these meerkats in a “mob” “gang” or “clan” and when feeding one will always be on sentry duty for about an hour before another takes over…

It is almost as though I became part of the clan and when seeking shade they did the same…


But this little guy was quite keen to perform the sentry duty…


Sorry folks I’m going to bombard you with photos of these little ones for a short while as I took nearly 900 photos and when deleting the “baddies” I expected it to come down to 200 odd photos, but the new camera is too good it only came down to 598 …. much better odds than my old camera… now I have to learn it is not necessary to take so many with the new camera…

but 900 photos in a two hour period is not too bad… an average of 1 every 8 seconds… what was I doing the other 7 seconds ??????

63 thoughts on “Meerkat… or Suricate, who knew that ?

  1. Oh Bulldog – you are so funny! What were you doing the other 7 seconds, for sure!! 🙂

    They look like they are very interesting to watch and rather cute … in a lethal sort of way. Their little faces look rather mischievous. The little guy on sentry guide is my favourite 🙂

  2. Oh what a wonderful experience!! Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes to do the editing, an experience like this would make it impossible to choose a favorite. Look forward to seeing what you choose.

  3. Quanto sono carine queste creature, io sono contenta se ci bombardi con le loro foto.
    Accipicchia però, dicono a me che ne scatto tante, ma tu sei insuperabile 😀
    Ciao, Pat

  4. They have such sweet faces and beautiful markings. It is a shame there wasn’t a photographer nearby to capture you as part of the clan. I know how honored I felt to be allowed to be so close to a sandhill crane last year.

  5. I love Meerkats bulldog. What a great post and it would have been a pleasure to be able to photograph you with them. Both Marks and I have only just started our digital photography journey having been film photographers all this time. It is wonderful to be able to take shot after shot and delete what you don’t need or want. Enjoy the weekend and keep on shooting 😉


    • Thanks Joey… my old camera tended to give about a 20% acceptable keep… thenew one is giving much better so I need to take less… but then again one can miss so much with animals and birds… sowill justkeep on taking at my own pace. … no rules to follow anyway…

  6. Meerkats are very well loved in the UK because of an insurance comparison TV commercial. I think it’s only in the UK anyway! We have an insurance comparison website called Compare The Market, and about six years ago they started this advertising campaign on the TV with talking meerkats, saying that people were getting confused and accidentally going to a Compare the Meerkat site rather than Compare the Market. The meerkats have Russian accents for some reason. Anyway, it’s been going on for several years, with stuffed toys being made of those meerkat characters from the adverts etc,, and people quoting the ads and everything. You’d have to see it to understand! Unless it’s not just the UK, and then you might already know about it!

    • Don’t know the ad. ..but I think there is a very popular TV series called meerkat manor on national geo that is so damn good…. I just loved spending 2 hrs with them… could easily have spent more if cicumstances didn’t require I move on….

  7. Well first of all…your finger must be tired from snapping all of those images…second of all, the camera was meant to be yours..quite the team with wonderful results!
    Such a wonderful opportunity..JEALOUS!!
    I wonder, since they seemed to think you were papa meerkat..maybe you should do some exercises and see if they’ll do them along with you…I bet they would…after all, you’re Bulldog!
    I loved these images!!!

    • Most photo’s were on 3 frames per sec in bursts of about 10 a time… the camera allows so many more so some burst were 25 shots specially when one caught a frog and firstly a starling wanted to try and steal it…then one of the others ran over to share…. big fight…
      I did some talking to them and one whistle was obviously close to a warning signal as they would scurry close to me and look skyward. .. they must have seen me as the sentry…. damn it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. …

  8. You beat me ‘hands down’ when it comes to Meerkat photos, Bulldog.
    I just….love….the little critters, but I must admit I haven’t taken a photo of one at our Zoo in a year or two (but then, up until the other weekend I hadn’t been to the zoo in about 8 months according to my photo folders.

    Did you manage to catch them in a fight? They are vicious little critters when fighting and I think you should be wary they don’t bite.

    Please share some more images…but I don’t mean all 598 !

  9. As you take so many shots in a session, you must have a large memory card. It must be fascinating watching the meerkats and trying to photograph their antics.

  10. Please do give us more pictures, I love those guys. My favourite animals next to monkeys, and ring tailed lemurs. and did i mention monkeys….
    I would have loved to be with you and see them real. ♥

  11. Well, if I had to guess what you were doing the other 7 seconds, you were probably speaking “meerkat-ese” with these cute little critters. Yes, keep these images coming … I love them!

  12. Great photos Rob … That is what I miss so much – so much to see and photograph … Keep them coming – 900 is nothing !!

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