Swallow-tailed Bee-eater… and what else??

I’m assuming that the bee-eaters that zoomed around near me on Friday were a mix of adult and  Juvenile birds … The juvies are also at difference stages… well that is my opinion or I’ve found a new specie of bee-eater…

In the first photo, the colouring of the two birds are similar, with the one, I think, still developing into it’s adult colours… what do you think.??


The nearer to the camera bird has a shorter tail and the yellow under the beak needs to develop further… also the eye is not as red as the others… here’s a photo of the adult…


BUT then this one came and sat nearby and I became confused….


I have to surmise it is a youngster even though I watched it flying around catching its own food… (not bees but flying insects)…

These bee-eaters nest as pairs or in very small colonies in sandy banks, or similar flat ground. They make a relatively long tunnel in which the 2 to 4 spherical, white eggs are laid. These birds also feed and roost communally.

I still look forward to the day I capture them when all roosting together and not like these birds, actively hunting….

15 thoughts on “Swallow-tailed Bee-eater… and what else??

  1. The bee eaters are great to see Rob. I particularly like the fab colours and composition in your third photo, which is picture perfect.

  2. Forse i colori diversi sono dovuti al sesso del gruccione. Oppure da piccoli hanno una colorazione che diventa più variopinta con la crescita.
    A parte queste mie ipotesi, le foto sono bellissime.
    Un grande saluto, Pat

  3. Your attention to detail is amazing …. or do you notice the details only after you’ve captured them with your camera and are looking at the results on your computer screen?
    I always marvel at the wonderful variety of birdlife you have 🙂

  4. Could the smaller not so colourful one be the female perhaps? that would fit in with catching food for the juvie as well. Great photo’s as ever Rob, are you ever returning to our part of the world, or have you moved? Laura

    • We are not certain of our future domicile to be honest…. so I say we are temp/perm in Kathu…. the problem with bee-eaters the male/female are both coloured the same….

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