Southern Pied Babbler… Can’t remember me…

Southern Pied Babbler(Turdoides bicolor).

A short walk on the Sishen Golf Course and who did I find? One of the noisy favourites the babbler….

They looked over their shoulder whilst giving me a birds eye view of their foofholes… still it was nice to get out for a casual walk and to see a few of my favourites… the camera thought it had been retired, but soon got back into the swing of things…..





My health is as yet not back to normal, this lung thing is difficult to work around, and here I thought giving up smoking (which is going well by the way) would make my lungs better…. but I don’t suppose I can blame the smoking for the collapsed lungs…

My taste buds are slowly returning to normal, although chocolate still tastes a bit strange. But I will continue stuffing it down my throat till it tastes good again… can’t give up smoking and chocolate !!!!!


93 thoughts on “Southern Pied Babbler… Can’t remember me…

  1. I think somehow I’ve missed a post, Rob, because I didn’t know you were having trouble with your lungs! I’m so sorry. I think you just can’t probably imagine how long it takes to get your health back to where you were before your illness. I”m glad you can get outdoors some and enjoy using your camera, and these photos are really so good to see. These are sweet little birds! Stay committed to giving up the smokes, my friend. We want you to feel your strong self again soon!

    • Thanks Debra… the lungs are a result of the massive swelling I experienced with the infection in the gut that was though to be a burst appendix or colon causing septicemia… the swelling collapsed the lungs and bladder. The bladder is back to normal but re-inflating the lungs will take three to four months apparently… it is that seemingly lack of oxygen intake that is debilitating… as well as the pain when yawning, coughing or sneezing…
      The giving up smoking has been an easy decision because of this and is going well…

  2. Welcome back! Loved that the Southern Pied Babblers got you to bring the camera back out, they are cute! Glad that giving up smoking has been easy for you – I can’t imagine not tasting chocolate, hang in there!

  3. Good to hear from you again! Sheesh, this has not been a good health year for you so far.

    Stay strong on the chocolate front…it WILL get better!

    • Thanks Louisa… it will get better this year, I believe that this infection could have been developing for almost a year and finally just got too big and tried to kill me off… but like all bad smells I’ve decided to hang around a little longer.. lol..

  4. So good to see you’re able to get out and about, Bulldog, even if it is only a small stroll.

    Glad to hear you’ve given up cigarettes.

    As to the chocolate……keep persevering with the consumption…….your taste buds are bound to finally come through with the ‘yummy’ response. Practice, Practice and more practice is my motto and can certainly be applied to tempting those taste buds to recover (as much as photography).

    • Hi Vicki, Thanks the cigs has been easy up to now and I hope it continues so, although find it difficult to believe it has been so easy up to now after smoking for 50 years…
      Chocs will come back and will definitely not give them up… going for another walk later when the sun begins to shine and see what I can see….

  5. Glad you feel well enough to snap a few shots and write a few lines. I gave up smoking in January after the nasty flue that was going around here in the states. It just seemed too opportune a time to quit when I had been to sick to smoke….but never, chocolate!

    • Thanks Mrs P. the cigs is going better than I thought it would… will just keep on working thru the bad taste thing till chocs taste good again…

  6. Good to see you back on WordPress & out & about again. Wonderful shots as always. I hope you are well on the mend. Now that you are not not smoking you can safely class yourself as a non smoker. It gets easier. I stopped 12 years ago when I was on 40 a day. Best thing I did. I’m with you on the chocolate though. Somethings are just not worth giving up. You take care. John

    • Thanks John… the cigs I think I’ll beat… as for the chocs will continue forcing it in till the taste buds return… it’s difficult but I will persevere…lol

  7. Che bello rivederti Rob, spero che la tua salute migliori sempre di più. Comunque smettere di fumare si può, smettere con il cioccolato no 🙂
    Bellissimi questi uccelli che hai fotografato benissimo!! Un abbraccio e auguri per la tua salute!! Pat

  8. It was so nice to have you show up in my ‘in’ box. I’ve missed you and your beautiful photos. My lungs seem to have finally healed after my serious bout of flu but the energy still has not come back. I guess all in due time. Stay away from the cigarettes, bad for you… more chocolate, good for you 🙂

    • Thanks Ingrid… hope your good health returns soon… you are so active it must be difficult to be tired all the time… it is that energy loss that I’m suffering from, with bouts of afternoon snoozes etc that is making me feel like an old man… and that I can’t have… have to get back to that “on the go” feeling I’ve always had…

  9. Now you must have a very happy camera…pleased to be back in your expert hands and doing the beautiful work it’s used to doing! Love these birds and good for you for getting out and taking the camera for a walk….cheering you on…:)

  10. Collapsed lungs!!?!?!?! Been there, done that, have 36 inches of scars to prove it. May you get well soon. I’m glad your smoking cessation effort is going well. Your absence has indeed been felt, my friend.

  11. Lovely captures Bulldog. Sorry it’s slow going with getting your health back to normal, sending prayers, love, and healing light…
    Glad the quitting smoking is going well, I had to laugh at your last sentence, I do so love chocolate too myself!

  12. Good to see you back and clicking away again Rob. Hope you got plenty of chocolate Easter eggs to take your mind off the smoking (Do you celebrate Easter in Africa?).

    • Thanks Brian… the smoking is no problem to now, and yes the Easter is celebrated here… got lots of eggs mostly dark chocolate which is going down well… the Grand kids gave me lots as they are so happy to see I don’t smoke any more… just want tot know who brain washes them/…

  13. Great to see you back Bulldog but sorry to hear it is taking longer to recover than you hoped. And I say, never try to give up chocolate, particularly the dark chocolate, which is sooo very good for you. 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn I was warned the lungs would take a long time to come back at my age they said… I just didn’t want to believe them … always been so healthy that nothing has kept me down for long… this has been a bit of a fright… although after the op so many other smaller problems have solved themselves that I should be grateful… apparently the infection has been building for months….
      The Dark choccie is the only one that tastes good so it’s the only one being eaten…

      • And it is the best for you. 🙂 Being on the road like we are and away from doctors we know, I find myself looking for the nearest urgent care facility or hospital when we settle in somewhere as you never know when one will be needed.

  14. It’s great to see you back. I’m so sorry to hear about the lung problem 😦 Chocolate can cure anything so keep up the good work and eat as much as you can. xxxx

  15. Ahh Bulldog, so good to see you back to taking a stroll and taking these beautiful pics, what a darling bird this is. So sorry though that you are still battling – collapsed lung? – I’m so so sorry…do take care of yourself and get well soon my friend! Things are just not the same around here without you…but I was heartened to see this post this morning, catching up taking a short break from blogging myself. Now I’m paying the price for doing so, lol!!! I hope you can give up the smoking but the chocolate? Never! That just can’t be…
    Hope you and your family enjoyed a lovely Easter break and that each day to follow you get better and stronger…bug hugs… Sherri 🙂

    • Thanks Sherri… the swelling in the gut area collapsed the lungs and now I need to re-inflate them which is apparently easier said than done…. The smoking has as yet not been difficult I think because if I was smoking the pain in the lungs would be worst… any sneeze or cough is painful… been 31 days now so I hope the worst is over… enjoyed the Easter break specially all the Easter eggs that the family showered on me because they don’t want to see me start smoking again…

      • Goodness, that sounds awful. Can’t believe it’s been that long already…still, great to hear that you were plied with chocolate and let’s hope it does the trick 😉

  16. Rob dear, I know life is good again with winter finally gone and will you making a resurgence on the blog screen. I am so happy that you feel well enough to go walking and shooting pictures again. Love those cute little Babblers.

    As for eating, eat what makes you feel good. As for smoking, you’re much too good and too smart to keep that up. I once worked for Philip Morris as an independent contractor, and was surprised to see, in their dining room, every table with small vases filled with cigarettes. They really wanted people to get addicted to their product. Every time you light up think of the greedy, filthy rich cigarette makers you’re treating to better vacations, larger homes and bigger diamonds.

    Why would you want to do that?

    • Thanks Ronnie… the stopped smoking is going well with no hankerings up to now .. which does surprise me considering I’ve been dragging on the weed for 50 years… the pain when coughing or sneezing I think has made it easier…

  17. Hey hey hey … Bulldog is back in town … very fitting for Bulldogs-are-Beautiful Day! Although the recovery is slow, cheers to the progress to do … so be a patient patient.

  18. Bulldog, it’s great to see you back with your camera again. Love your photos of the sweet little Babblers. Well done with the giving up smoking. Keep it up, as it’s definitely not good for your lungs. xx

  19. Absolutely beautiful as always Rob and it’s so lovely to see them close-up. You are born to capture these beauties for sure! 😀
    Glad to hear your health is getting better and as far as smoking goes, I tried and got so depressed that even the doctors said it’s better for me to smoke than turn into an alcoholic or druggie. 😆 I wish I never started but well, that’s one wish I can’t have come true. As far as choccies goes, I don’t much like chocolates, so no loss there. 😀 You just hang in there and take care of yourself. ♥ Hugs ♥ to you and Linda.

    • I think I’m finding it easy up to now because of the lung problem… coughing and sneezing is just too painful… been smoking for 50 years so do expect somekind of withdrawal although it has now been 31 days and all is welll

      • Yes, that can’t be nice to have Rob and I think you’re are doing great. Just keep on and before you know it will be as if you’ve never smoked. Hubby also smoked for years and gave it up and he doesn’t miss it at all. 😀

  20. I cannot wait till the kids wake up and I can tell them that Bulldog is back! I am so proud of you for giving up smoking–but keep with the chocolate….a cranky Bulldog won’t do anyone any good. I know giving up chocolate would make me quite irritable! 🙂 You are in our thoughts and prayers!! The photos are lovely. My littlest will adore these. Thank you, BD!! And welcome back.

    • A cranky Bulldogs is not a good one for sure, must admit been a bit cranky because of the restrictions the illness has put on me… but the no smoking is going well and will keep at the choccies till they taste good again… it feels good to be back even if only in little bursts…

  21. wahoo! Welcome back Bulldog – we’ve missed you, well I have and I’m sure everyone else has also. Stunning photos as always. Good on you for giving up smoking – can only be good for you. I’m with you on the chocolate front though, that is just silly LOL. Keep stuffing it in, bound to get the flavour back soon enough and you will be well rewarded 🙂

    • Thanks Jan… got to keep forcing it in till it tastes good, Drs orders… well Dr Bulldogs orders … it is good to be back even if only partially… thanks you, I’ve missed your blog as well…

  22. They are so lovely birds and you really captured so beautiful photographs dear Rob. I do believe you can give up smoking and chocolate… You can. It is all in your mind, Without you, I can’t imagine a blogging world, dear Rob, 🙂 Best wishes, Thank you, love, nia

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