A bird called Lorna.. a fresh angle..

Before I start this post .. I’m off down to Cape Town for business for a few days so I will be missing from the blogs, but I’ll be taking my camera to capture some photos of our fairest Cape and what it will show me… see you in a few days time, or at the earliest Thursday next week… See you…

Table Mountain (photo courtesy of www.capetown.travel.co.za)


Their famous Waterfront (Courtesy of www.sharkbookings.com)


Now lets get back to a bird called Lorna…

I named a bird after Lorna of Lornasvoice (to see her blog click here)… she has a certain likeness to this bird. She has a very special sense of humour (The bird and Lorna) and this likeness comes through in her posts.

Here are a few more photos of the Grey Crowned Crane (different perspectives)…








66 thoughts on “A bird called Lorna.. a fresh angle..

  1. I do hope your time at the Cape is as spectacular a time as it has been for you in the past, Rob. It sounds wonderful! And thank you for another visit with Lorna. I do think she is about as special as any of the gorgeous birds you share. She is simply spectacular. πŸ™‚

  2. The cape looks absolutely beautiful, BD. I am praying you will have a wonderful, safe, and successful time while away. Looking forward to all the pictures and stories you will return with. Have fun!!! Make sure to take care of you! πŸ™‚

    • Sitting at the airport awaiting to leave… what a life we lead… see you when we get back… always wondered what people do at airports with their laptops … now I know,,,

  3. Lorna has a great sense of fashion and her fashion photographer does her a good service with his photographs of her.

  4. Enjoy your time in the Cape Rob and thanks for sharing this beauty with us again. I love the reflections! πŸ˜€

  5. Have a wonderful time at the Cape – business or not, it sure looks beautiful so nice place for you to be for a while. Hope you have a great time, successful with the business and feel heaps better!

    • Thanks Jan… haven’t been so far south for a long time and it will be colder there than here, but a change is good for the soul and hopefully good for business…

  6. Lorna! Lorna! I Love Lorna! I am her biggest fan. Can you tell her for me? That first pic of her with the concentric circles is spectacular! She needs to thank her talented photographer.

  7. Always good to see your Grey Crowned Crane photos. They are so colourful, and different to anything I see in the UK. Good luck in Cape Town.

    • Thanks AD… took these all in one day people think I’m mad with some of my pictures as where this is you get a lot of Potogs and they want to see your captures… when all of mine are of her head and not the full body they probably laugh quietly to themselves…

    • It is probably one of our most well recognised areas in South Africa with some very special ecological areas unique to the cape… very cosmopolitan in make up… quite the international meeting point…

  8. Those waterfront shots are stunning and of course lovely Lorna…she is a beaut! Have a safe & successful trip Bulldog and see you when you get back πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sherri … haven’t been there for a good few years so the trip should be well worth it just to see the old place… but it is a beautiful area, will have to test out my landscape photography…..

    • Thanks Diana… the Cape is one of our special places… very popular with the international visitors .. Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was interred obviously draws many people… they could lock me up there for that view if they wanted to… it is the South Africa’s legislature and under the country’s current Constitution is composed of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces. It has the Table Mountain as it’s backdrop with ecological systems endemic to the area second to none… on the mountain there are certain proteas that grow nowhere else, birds and animals… a very special place… just too densely populated for me to ever live there, not enough thorn trees or bushveld…lol
      It is also probably the oldest city in South Africa, although in terms of time probably a baby compared to some of yours in Canada…

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