Clippety-clop.. this is the end of the lot…

These are the last of my Grey Crowned Crane that I took not long back… so you can smile broadly and expect something else… I still have to find something to photo, so that I can share it with you….

“What is making that noise down there ?”


“Is it a bird, or a plane or a fish burp..??”


“Pheeeew must be a fish burp….”


“Think I’ll move over and join the others…”


“What was that .?? another noise I don’t know…”


and then a final photo……..


43 thoughts on “Clippety-clop.. this is the end of the lot…

  1. I’m sure I already said this on one of the other posts where you shared photos of this bird, but it really is such a stunning creature, I can see why you took so many pictures of it! 🙂

  2. They are so pretty – love their colourings. As for finding something else to photograph PLEASE! You have so many wonderful birds and other wildlife, although I’m sure you could throw in a sunset or sunrise, some lovely flowers perhaps, a mountain view, a sea view – oh just some of the lovely stuff you’re surrounded by …….. 😉

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