58 thoughts on “Elephant.

  1. Such a majestic animal, one of my very favorite! I would give anything to see one in real life! Beautiful, absolutely positively beautiful!

    • Thanks Lorna… they are not to dangerous if you know what signs to look for… they tend to warn you to get out the way… if you don’t well your car can receive a free panel beating…

  2. Must be fascinating to watch and photo elephants in their natural habitat. Thanks for sharing another treat Bulldog.

  3. I have never seen an elephant in the wild. Lucky lucky you to live in such a wild and majestic place.. Oh how I would love to visit, just imagine! c

    • As long as the ears are flapping… your Ok… when they stop flapping start to run as fast as you can and discard bits of clothing as you go… they often stop to wipe out the clothes before pursuing you… you also hope it slips in your shite….

    • I agree.. I can sit and watch them for hours… somehow they can pass a message to a whole herd spread in thick bush and all do what the Boss wants… I love them…

  4. Such beautiful, gentle giants bulldog and you’ve captured them so beautifully my friend. Thanks for sharing. 😀 *hugs*

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are sooooo lucky to live with such amazing sites in your own “backyard”. I can only dream that one day I might see the majestic elephant (my favourite) in its natural habitat. Great shots as usual Bulldog!!

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  7. I tried to photograph a circus elephant once and apparently got too close for the handlers’ comfort. They yelled to get back before it whacked me with its long trunk! LOL Your photos obviously are MUCH better!!

    • Thank you… Yes the trunk can be a touch heavy as a person found out the other day in one of our parks when he got too close and an elephant dented in his roof with its trunk…

  8. Bob … this is what you do so wonderful … and magnificent photos of a magnificent animal.
    Love the comment about the rock …. I would say – just move it. *smile

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