I’m Turning circles at the Mo… badly placed for Internet.

I’m in Mpumalanga, staying where internet, at best, can be describe as atrocious, but the photo ops are brilliant. The Kruger has obviously had lots of rain this year as the grass is long and the animals are fat, a lovely sight to see.

I’m going around in circles while I wait for the “Talking Turf” next week where my software is going on demo. In the mean time, Kruger, Nelspruit and Lydenburg district is all on the cards.

Will get back to your blogs next week….. now this is turning in circles…


71 thoughts on “I’m Turning circles at the Mo… badly placed for Internet.

  1. Hi Bulldog
    it is been a while for me, I am still working on the kids book (illustration)
    wanted to pass by and say hi, lovely photo
    what a beautiful animal

    how is your book going?

    take care Doris

  2. Will try again, my comment didn’t go through, so apologies for the double-up in case! Just to say hope all goes well with your sales Bulldog and look forward to catching up soon. Love the photo as always…enjoy 🙂

      • Oh no…I had a horrible thought that might have happened. I had this problem a few months ago when my comments kept going into spam and Akismet had to sort it out. A lot of other bloggers had it too, but only from the UK. It’s happened to some other blogs I’ve tried to comment on this morning too. Really annoying. Hopefully it’s just a glitch today…if not, I’ll have to get it sorted out. Last time it took over a week, grrrrr… Thanks Bulldog for letting me know…

          • Thanks Bulldog. I’ve completed a test form with the support team. The can’t see why I’ve had this problem. I’ve had a few blogs to comment on this morning and some ok some not. Really strange. Hopefully I’ll be ok on your blog now that you’ve set me free from spam prison, haha! Hope you’re having a good time… 🙂

  3. I will be praying your demo goes well and that many awesome opportunities for photos present themselves! Have a great time….hope you are feeling well.

  4. I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail lately; trying to catch up on so many things. Taking time off to recuperate from surgery puts a person behind. Enjoy those photo ops; it looks like you are in another beautiful place!

  5. Best of luck with the software demo, Rob! 😀

    I’m really looking forward to the pictures of your travels – get off that awful internet and grab that camera! 😉

  6. if it means you get time with the camera to capture some of your amazing wildlife, then I’m all for dodgy internet! Stunning photo – I WANT TO VISIT YOU!!!!!!

  7. Interesting horns, seems to me most animals only have two horns and this one has three. Is that more common than I think?

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